Gamer's Review - Pokemon X (first impressions)

Well the big day came for all Pokemon fans...XY is officially here on the planet. For starters...I only got my copy today because I was working at the board shop the entire release weekend. Plus I have a tradion of naming my trainer after an influential role model friend but since I had two choices this time....went for the European double name and I stunned there was actually enough room to fit it. In addition named my Chespin "Tim Bergling"...if you know the dj world, you know who Tim Bergling is.

We got the classic pokemon battling/adventure fare on the table only this time its all in 3-D in the beautiful, new region of Kalos. Now I was super excited for Kalos because of its French inspiration and the fact I visited France long ago....oh that was an amazing trip to Paris and getting stranded in Lyon. So far the French look and feel of France is ever so present in Kalos with the flower fields, coutnryside and the quint little Mustard roof style buildings. In addition the trainers have what I like to called "Euro-Cool" feel in their fashion sense. Roller skating is taking some used to....this how the Real Kalos looks like. Notice the inspiration?
Parisian City Scape

Eiffel Tower
Leaving Lyon via Train

In terms of new gameplay elements....I was initially surprised that you can earn experience now with capturing a pokemon and the fact Poke-Amie and Super Training are available right from the start. Tried out Poke-Amie first. It's fun to interact with mini games (managed to solve the tile puzzles very fast), belly rubs and head scratches, (Chespin is toooo adorable in Amie) and feeding your Pokemon puffs. The 3-D effects are good but I wished they carried over into the overworld view map....Kalos seems so beautiful so far. I was also impressed that straight out of the gate you somewhat of a diverse selection of Pokemon to capture besides the bird and rat combo...and different regions included.

Yes I'm training a Vivilion and a Flabebe (cue my fellow trainers screaming what are you thinking???). My Vivilion turned to a "High Plains" Pattern...and I live in/set it to British Columbia, Canada. What other patterns did everyone esle get?

Smile for the Camera!!!!

Still exploring Kalos...can't wait to see what esle is there.

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