Gamer's Review - Symphony

Yecks really long I haven't reviewed anything....been busy with my new job. Anyway on the chopping block we got Symphony. Symphony is indie, musical run game akin to Audio Surf and Beat Hazard except what makes this musical piece different is the techno coloured, geometric shaped style and playing field.

The premise is something demonic in nature is stealing the souls of your music (along side the souls of famed composers) so you have to fly a ship into your music to free it from enemy ships. Enemies range from simple small ships, abstract pillars to flying reptiles. After blasting an enemy they leave a musical note behind which you have to pick for points. Every so often the devil behind the plot will appear and a demon will challenge you. The tempo, action, your weapons and intensity of the entire battle is determined by the music you choose to play. The song selection includes your mp3 library and some game provided tracks. Did I also mention you ship had 4 parts each containing switchable weapons and you lose them with damage taken? There is no such thing as "dying" in this game.

As for game experience yep, its fun and very fast paced. Music being used as the test included Djs from Mars, Cirque Du Soleil, some ponies and my favorite track to test out just how "music sensitive" the game play is, Michal Lorenc's "Taniec Eleny". It's a beautiful Polish song that starts off slow then built into a frenzy as the song goes on, perfect for testing out the sensitive of any music game in one song. For the musical action and interesting art style that seem to be from the computerized world of music, and a story line....I say this game is great. ^_^

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