Pokemon World Championships - Day 2 (with Cos and Effect cosplay gate crash)

Well that was a blast despite the fact I only won one of my battles but i still qualified for a prize. For those who weren't competing in the main competition...there is the side-event stamp collecting chelledge. Prizes if you manage to fill one out and an entry into the draw.

Well one activity after another I was busy filling out that card...tried some TCG action for starters. I was experimenting with a Krokodile/Unfezant energy removal combo...which still needs some work to pull off. After, due to some convincing from my UVIC Pokemon club friends "come on join the Win-A-Box tournament with us"  switched gaming modes to VCG....had some very close wins and one actual win. Well all the rapid fire playtime paid off cause I got boosters and card sleeves as a prize for filling out that stamp card....now my deck won't be naked!

My favorite part was just being nice and being friends with other trainers around the world, I greeted the Japanese national champ as silent Kyogre as he passed by, made battle plans in German with a German (I can speak very basic German) to prevent the other team from hearing our plans, and chatted with/ got Italian grammer lessons from an Italian trainer. Oh it was fun.

Oh boy who knew Pokemon finals were so exciting like any sports game. On the big screen for all to see and cheer for...fierce competition I tell ya always ending in sudden death....the kami trio, and Cransillia were popular choices (my constant bane in tournaments)...tmr should be exciting. Only a handful of trainers were in cosplay including me. Today I switched to my most beautiful, prized and awesome but the most physically demanding to wear cosplay....My Kyogre cosplay. As my duty as the watery lord of the waves Kyogre (plus the fact we're on waterfront) I did my best as cheerleader during the VCG top cut...interesting to do with fins.

 It was the first cosplay contest entry I ever made and won any sort of prize with it, in addition, it's only worn at Pokemon events and cosplay events needing a very grand looking cosplay for a good reason. The physically demanding thing about the Kyogre outfit is the main body piece and it's tail....imagine having a surfboard tied to your back with a pole sticking out from the bottom. I had to hunch over slightly to prevent the hard for cardboard tail from stabbing my back legs/everything esle and I could not sit anywhere normally. I preferred standing most of the time as a result (my legs are very strong) and to give my legs and lower back a rest when needed, I had to turn a chair around to comfortably sit me and my tail or kneel on the floor in a strange position. By the end of the day my shoulders and upper back were sore but cured quickly with a warm bath and lying down directly on my back.

Despite the physical demands, I very much prize/adore this costume because its incredibly beautiful, proof of my creativity and it was amazing to receive such good comments from other trainers; seeing your work of art is appreciated. I have worn that costume so many times and adore it so much...physically adapting to it is second nature to me and its a minor demand to endure. I think almost every cosplayer knows very well that to produce the most beautiful costumes you must endure physical demands for the big payoff.

The other poke-cosplays included the ones that showed up yesterday, Ashes and a very beautiful Reshiram gown. Just like me having to adapt to my tail...she had to constantly sweep/adjust her gown's long train to avoid snags and rips. In an interesting gate crashing twist from yesterday's detour to Cos and Effect....Cosplayers from the Cos and Effect convention showed up to check how the biggest pokemon event of the year is like. Lets just say its surreal for competitive trainers from abroad to see The Mad Hatter from American Mcgree's Alice, super heroines, a cat girl and so forth to show up and pose for pictures with Pikachu....wish I took a picture of that.


Love this pose.

Water Types RULE!!!

Intense Top 8 action.

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