Pokemon World Championships 2013- Day 1

Oww long day...Well today was the Last chance Qualifiers and no hamr in trying....I knew it was a long shot but I love to play and just have fun. I'm the poke-artist. Which becomes blatantly obvious when I played dress up as a Beartic, and toting a Beyeehem, Gardevoir and Beartic on my my team when no one esle would consider such Pokemon...might as while pop in a Pachirisu just to be even more insane. Its hilarious when the impossible happens. Other trainers well go all out in team spirit when going

 It was super exhausting but fun day for me....action was intense (One Bye, Lose for me and solo faint delivered by Beartic), sun was burning and was ill with painful tummy aches<-- sorry to anyone who had to endure a wacky me as a result of that. I also took the time to just have fun...there are how many people around and its more then a perfect opportunity for fun fests and union rooms.

Pokemon Smash filming...someone had to eat squid ink!

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