Gamer's Review - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Series

In a run up to the Pokemon World Championships this weekend, let us briefly review Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series for the DS era. The basic premise is you play a human who has been turned into a pokemon (determined by a personality test) and you team up with a "partner" pokemon to form a rescue team running rescue mission for other pokemon while trying to figure the PC Pokemon's past. In Red/Blue Rescue team the pokemon only extend to the Hoenn era while Explorers of Time/Darkness added new features and extends to Sinnoh era.

The basic/bulk of the gameplay of both series is old-school style dungeon crawling with off fighting hostile pokemon, collecting treasures and making your way through several floors to reach the end boss or treasure room. Outside of the dungeons, your team's resting place is their team base in a hub like village. The best part and why it is the pokemon lover's perfect game for traveling on long car or my case plane rides is  because the dungeon layout is always random every single time. In addition the reason why you are venturing into these dungeons, besides the main story mission...is fellow pokemon will post rescue mission requests (also randomly generated), which range from rescuing a lost pokemon to arresting hostile pokemon. Receiving rescue missions via wi-fi/passwords from other teams is also possible.

The mechanics of dungeon fighting is different from the main pokemon games slightly. You are battling on a grid like field but still on turn based mechanics. You have a regular attack along side the moveset....some moves are close range while others can attack long distance or the entire room. The other concept besides the randomly generated dungeons crawls is the vast collections of treasures available for collecting which can range from berries, poke-tools(familiar and new), orbs and the ever so popular evolution items.

As for game experience, replay value is big (there is a lot of post-ending missions), fun to play on trips and well it gets kind of addicting to play on trips too.

Not the best shot I could have taken.

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