Anime Revolution 2013 Photo Dump

Ok, even though I couldn't afford the pass, nothing was going to prevent me was enjoying one day of Anime Revolution 2013 outside in the nice weather with my fellow cosplayers....apparently dozens of other had the same idea. I was dressed as Mimi from Pop'n Music, in her Pop'n Music 13 Carnival outfit. Pop'n Music is a Japanese music game from the same makers as Dance Dance Revolution.

My Manicure as Mimi

Me as Mimi

Now the venue was Canada Place and that venue has its pros and cons. One thing we're in the middle of downtown and the other....we're in the middle of downtown! Not much we could do so exposed! For those new to cosplay photography, we're people not toys! We're fans wanting to have fun together, in peaceful manner, and we're more then happy to pose for pictures if you follow this simple rule and be nice to us.

The rule of thumb is ASK permission FIRST before taking our pictures as it is both a big sign of respect to us cosplayers and it allows us to get ready and pose. Photographing a cosplayer unready, unaware and candid is one of the best ways to tick them off....plus the rule is in place also to buffer against perverts filming us. As for taking pics of mid-pose and photo shoots....I don't know how other cosplayers handle this but when that happens to me I prefer other photographers to be right in my line of sight and signal to me that they want my picture, so I can direct them and/or continue holding that pose....plus say thank you afterwards please.

Anyway we got a very nice selection of cosplays...some I didn't know but yet they look amazing. Here they are....