SFU Summer Festival 2013

Well yesterday was the SFU Summer Festival and it was a blast. This time also...I'm stuck in Artist Alley because I am an artist alleyn vendor...2nd time again. I was back in my Engel Dreizehn persona and it was fun to be a sky-class cyborg. Well my artist alley skills improved because I manged to make profits off my half table...small but a sign of good things I hope. My half table (28B) is located in the back so I did not see what was going on stage but me and my neighbors could very much hear....the live band, cosplay contest and the water melon smashing. As a result we all had to yell at the top of our lungs (or atleast me) to make our sales pitches. In addition, because of the quiet (as in foot traffic) and bottle necking on one end nature of our area at times of the artist alley....me and my neighbor had to get creative to attract buyers. She had the right idea to do some circus acts. I should have brought my circus equipment too then. ^_^

The fun part of renting only half a table....who is going to be your neighbor, and very highly likely it will be a different genre then you. Well this is the person-->http://www.thefreakandthevampire.com/ Desserts and horror stories are the perfect combo for her. Imagine that a gothic-horror writer and a skyward cyborg getting along at the same table.

Well this is how my table looked before items were sold....shameless advertising.
For pixel commisions send me an email here --> engeldreizehn@hotmail.ca

Stayed a bit for the dance....this is what happened other then when "Stamp on the Ground" played...I stamped and jump styled it for sure.

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