Gamer's Review - Psychonauts

Taking a break from the artist alley reports and in honor the big summer sale happening on steam...we got a trading card eligible game on the chopping and last last year's Christmas present, Psychonauts. Psychonauts is one of the first games to come from Double Fine. It was originally released for the PS2 and then released for the PC on steam.

The only major compliant I have about the game is because it was originally meant for the PS2, the controls are extremely awkward to pull off making even the most simple jumps maddening to do for some. I highly suggest investing in a game-pad if you are having problems with the keyboard controls.

As for everything else, its classic platforming-adventure action only if you're familiar with anything from Double Fine....healthy doses of borderline age category breaking humor and sarcasm. You play Rasputin (Raz for short), voiced by Richard Horvitz of Invader Zim fame, a circus acrobat who runs away from the family circus to Whispering Rock Summer Camp to train to be a psychic warrior...a psychonaut. The two things that impressed me the most about this game are the sheer uniqueness of the world and how much extra stuff was put in.

As a psychic, Raz trains and hones psychic skills like psychokinesis, telekinesis and being able to enter the mental worlds of people. What kind of worlds are we talking about.....evil girl scouts patrolling a messed up suburbia with shadowy government agents, a dance party, and a Godzilla parody with Raz as the monster thrashing a city...did I mention the evil girl scouts? Every single character in the cast seem to have their own back story, which for the characters who have mental worlds to explore are hidden as slide shows in vaults bouncing around the world. Yes I did say physically bouncing around.

Yes this is on the Steam Summer Sale list and is a trading game eligible game.

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