Djs + Beat Hazard Ultra = Weirdest Way to Review Music

Well this is what happens when you trust a cosplaying gamer of a flying cyborg to review music. Djs from Mars just released their new Bootzilla album for free online today...fun times!

I admit I don't see myself as having any "sophisticated" sense of music and I just let the heart/feelings do all the talking but I had an idea....lets play a bit of Bootzilla on Beat Hazard Ultra and see how it is. NOTE this is with the Beat Hazard Ultra DLC installed. I don't have anything bad to say in terms of musical merit but on an unrelated matter if Djsfm is reading this....remember to keep things fresh as always ja. I can say Bootzilla is intense, some thing familiar, something new and it's going to rock the dancefloor. I love the fact even though the "ingredients" look familiar, after undergoing the aliens mash'em up and alien abduction...the results resemble nothing like the originals, except in some cases it only remotely sounding familiar and this is in a very good way.  For Beat Hazard Fans yep this is some really intense music and action going on here which I would highly suggest if you're looking for new tracks to blast to....and it was a miracle my computer did not crash during the entire session.

Well I'll just let the pictures show you how intense and colourful this Beat Hazard Ultra session was.....if you look carefully you can see which tracks I was enjoying. Oh boy it was a hazard to take screen capture.
My tiny spaceship should be around here. CRASH

That's one way to get out of a mine field of green. WEEE!

This is a nice shot. KA-BOOM

A few seconds after this shot....the snake got me. BOOM

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