Djs and Pixels

What could be more inspiring for Artist Alley craft making music that a Live Internet set on Mixify by Djs from Mars. Not quite like the set they played when I saw them live but if I wasn't focused on laying perler beads carefully on a peg board I prob would be jump styling again. The set in question...the songs sounded very new/unfamiliar to me (I did recall She-Wolf) but I heard some familiar tunes/sounds that seem to remind me of that faithful night. If Djsfm is reading this, sorry can't recall much because I was bouncing between your broadcast, a peg board, and a chat window.

Now a special guest showed up unexpectedly and informally in the broadcast's chatroom wanting to listen to a remix Djsfm did of his song and I was able to chat with him abit in private. For the sake of privacy this guest will be known "The Mystery Dj"...chatted briefly about various things like what I was doing as the set was going on and especially about our favorite Martians...Djsfm and the faithful night I saw them live. Now how to retrieve that chat log.

Well time to tune out....here's what I was making during the set for the SFU Summer Anime Festival, guys.

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