Artist Alley Swag - Recycled Denim Bags

Today other then doing artist alley inventory for the festival, it another product preview on what I will have on my table. This was a team effort, I did the cross stitch design and my mom did the bag sewing. Mom is a very good sewer of wedding dresses and ball room style outfits, in addition she is trained in the design schools in Osaka, Japan. Yes this bag is made from recycled jeans with 8-bit patches. Perfect for  carrying your anime stuff or overflow from artist alley and dealer's room. Did I mention you can attach buttons on it.

For all your pixel art related inquires and needs contact me here --> engeldreizehn@hotmail.ca

For your tailor ship needs, she does wedding-ball room cosplays and dresses,
contact my mom--> ru2married@yahoo.ca

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