Djs + Beat Hazard Ultra = Weirdest Way to Review Music

Well this is what happens when you trust a cosplaying gamer of a flying cyborg to review music. Djs from Mars just released their new Bootzilla album for free online today...fun times!

I admit I don't see myself as having any "sophisticated" sense of music and I just let the heart/feelings do all the talking but I had an idea....lets play a bit of Bootzilla on Beat Hazard Ultra and see how it is. NOTE this is with the Beat Hazard Ultra DLC installed. I don't have anything bad to say in terms of musical merit but on an unrelated matter if Djsfm is reading this....remember to keep things fresh as always ja. I can say Bootzilla is intense, some thing familiar, something new and it's going to rock the dancefloor. I love the fact even though the "ingredients" look familiar, after undergoing the aliens mash'em up and alien abduction...the results resemble nothing like the originals, except in some cases it only remotely sounding familiar and this is in a very good way.  For Beat Hazard Fans yep this is some really intense music and action going on here which I would highly suggest if you're looking for new tracks to blast to....and it was a miracle my computer did not crash during the entire session.

Well I'll just let the pictures show you how intense and colourful this Beat Hazard Ultra session was.....if you look carefully you can see which tracks I was enjoying. Oh boy it was a hazard to take screen capture.
My tiny spaceship should be around here. CRASH

That's one way to get out of a mine field of green. WEEE!

This is a nice shot. KA-BOOM

A few seconds after this shot....the snake got me. BOOM


Gamer's Review - Costume Quest

If you know just about any game from Double Fine studios...you're going to be familiar with the healthy doses of creativity and humor, the studio is famous for.

Costume Quest is very straight forward combination of fast paced action-style rpg combat mixed with exploration. The premise of Costume Quest is on Halloween night a pair of siblings (you get to pick who to play as) who just moved to the neighborhood go out trick or treating however candy crazed monsters are at work too and kidnapped one of the siblings (who was dressed as a candy corn). Even though it's straight forward and to the point in terms of game-play and obviously it was made for the Halloween season (guess when I got it); by far this is not a mere seasonal novelty game.

What impressed me the most is the trademark game element of costumes becoming real and battle ready and the entire innovative, creative roster of ideas that was poured in. In order for a bunch of trick or treating kids to be able to stand a fighting chance against real monsters, their homemade Halloween costumes become real too...a cardboard robot becomes a battle machine, unicorns are real and a vampire costumes becomes well. What I like about these costumes is the very much home-made nature of the outfits and they pack a lot of child-like whimsy as a result. Some of the missions are looking for materials to make the costumes.

The child-like, Halloween whimsy extends to the cartoony world. The atmosphere is cartoony and reminds me of some humor/cartoon style from series like the Fairly Odd Parents. The main game contains a neighborhood, mall and countryside village to explore. A bulk of exploration is going trick or treating to houses in each area, being greeted either with candy or a vicious monster at the door. The extra game feature is collecting candy cards depicting really odd but sounds delicious Halloween treats/recipes (that seem like a gamer's challenge to reproduce)
and collecting battle stamps to power up your costumes.

The Steam version recently got a Trading Card clearance and it contains both the main game and the DLC Grubbins on Ice....I wouldn't say its a Halloween novelty but rather a small gem of a game from Double Fine.


Gamer's Review - The Big Old Tree that Dreams (Bell's Heart and A Grain of Truth)

To be honest during one late night online gaming session I did not expect to find a gem of a point click game like this series, oh yes its also free. Welcome to the world of "The Big Old Tree that Dreams." You play as Myosotis, a trader of an unusual sorts who dabbles in the trading of stories and in each place she stops, the main goal is to assemble the story of the said place. In addition she is a girl looking for the story that will tell her the past that seems to elude her. Stories and dream world are heavy elements in the narrative.

In Bell's Heart we are just introduced to Myosotis and the nature of story trader life when her cart breaks down and she has to venture into town to fix it. In the meantime she learns about the tradition and story of the town. In A Grain of Truth, she is exploring a wide open plain of cloud gathers and floating stones; plus we get to learn a little more about her history. Gameplay is the basic formula of point click with elements of puzzles.

What impressed me the most about this game was the fantasy atmosphere and art style. Its hand drawn, fine point pen style filled with fantastical creatures and traditions with looks like touches of paint. It's a fantasy caravan story with the opening moments being Myosotis's caravan being pulled by a giant turtle like creature.The attention and complexity of the traditions found within this world impressed me and these traditions play a big part in the story narrative of each place visited....not going to go into depth and give away the spoiler. Like Myosotis, you are only the observer of the narrative being gathered and stitched together. It seems that you always maintaining emotional distance akin to the serious focus/distance Myosotis always maintains when interacting with people.

I would highly suggest a play through of this series...did I mention its online and free to play?

Here's Bell's Heart at Kongrate --> Bell's Heart

and A Grain of Truth at Kongrate -->A Grain of Truth


Getting ready for Pokemon Worlds

Well its fallout time from the festival and its time to prep for the biggest event for any pokemon trainer....The Pokemon Worlds right here in Vancouver. I made this to accessorize my Beartic cosplay...

Shameless Advertising, give me an email for all your pixel art needs here --> engeldreizehn@hotmail.ca


SFU Summer Festival 2013

Well yesterday was the SFU Summer Festival and it was a blast. This time also...I'm stuck in Artist Alley because I am an artist alleyn vendor...2nd time again. I was back in my Engel Dreizehn persona and it was fun to be a sky-class cyborg. Well my artist alley skills improved because I manged to make profits off my half table...small but a sign of good things I hope. My half table (28B) is located in the back so I did not see what was going on stage but me and my neighbors could very much hear....the live band, cosplay contest and the water melon smashing. As a result we all had to yell at the top of our lungs (or atleast me) to make our sales pitches. In addition, because of the quiet (as in foot traffic) and bottle necking on one end nature of our area at times of the artist alley....me and my neighbor had to get creative to attract buyers. She had the right idea to do some circus acts. I should have brought my circus equipment too then. ^_^

The fun part of renting only half a table....who is going to be your neighbor, and very highly likely it will be a different genre then you. Well this is the person-->http://www.thefreakandthevampire.com/ Desserts and horror stories are the perfect combo for her. Imagine that a gothic-horror writer and a skyward cyborg getting along at the same table.

Well this is how my table looked before items were sold....shameless advertising.
For pixel commisions send me an email here --> engeldreizehn@hotmail.ca

Stayed a bit for the dance....this is what happened other then when "Stamp on the Ground" played...I stamped and jump styled it for sure.


Summer Festival coming soon....

Well the Summer Festival at SFU is on Saturday at 2pm...free admission if you're wondering and well getting my table ready. Here is what I will have on my table. Take a good look and see what you want when you arrive here.


Artist Alley Swag - Recycled Denim Bags

Today other then doing artist alley inventory for the festival, it another product preview on what I will have on my table. This was a team effort, I did the cross stitch design and my mom did the bag sewing. Mom is a very good sewer of wedding dresses and ball room style outfits, in addition she is trained in the design schools in Osaka, Japan. Yes this bag is made from recycled jeans with 8-bit patches. Perfect for  carrying your anime stuff or overflow from artist alley and dealer's room. Did I mention you can attach buttons on it.

For all your pixel art related inquires and needs contact me here --> engeldreizehn@hotmail.ca

For your tailor ship needs, she does wedding-ball room cosplays and dresses,
contact my mom--> ru2married@yahoo.ca


Gamer's Review - Psychonauts

Taking a break from the artist alley reports and in honor the big summer sale happening on steam...we got a trading card eligible game on the chopping and last last year's Christmas present, Psychonauts. Psychonauts is one of the first games to come from Double Fine. It was originally released for the PS2 and then released for the PC on steam.

The only major compliant I have about the game is because it was originally meant for the PS2, the controls are extremely awkward to pull off making even the most simple jumps maddening to do for some. I highly suggest investing in a game-pad if you are having problems with the keyboard controls.

As for everything else, its classic platforming-adventure action only if you're familiar with anything from Double Fine....healthy doses of borderline age category breaking humor and sarcasm. You play Rasputin (Raz for short), voiced by Richard Horvitz of Invader Zim fame, a circus acrobat who runs away from the family circus to Whispering Rock Summer Camp to train to be a psychic warrior...a psychonaut. The two things that impressed me the most about this game are the sheer uniqueness of the world and how much extra stuff was put in.

As a psychic, Raz trains and hones psychic skills like psychokinesis, telekinesis and being able to enter the mental worlds of people. What kind of worlds are we talking about.....evil girl scouts patrolling a messed up suburbia with shadowy government agents, a dance party, and a Godzilla parody with Raz as the monster thrashing a city...did I mention the evil girl scouts? Every single character in the cast seem to have their own back story, which for the characters who have mental worlds to explore are hidden as slide shows in vaults bouncing around the world. Yes I did say physically bouncing around.

Yes this is on the Steam Summer Sale list and is a trading game eligible game.

Djs and Pixels

What could be more inspiring for Artist Alley craft making music that a Live Internet set on Mixify by Djs from Mars. Not quite like the set they played when I saw them live but if I wasn't focused on laying perler beads carefully on a peg board I prob would be jump styling again. The set in question...the songs sounded very new/unfamiliar to me (I did recall She-Wolf) but I heard some familiar tunes/sounds that seem to remind me of that faithful night. If Djsfm is reading this, sorry can't recall much because I was bouncing between your broadcast, a peg board, and a chat window.

Now a special guest showed up unexpectedly and informally in the broadcast's chatroom wanting to listen to a remix Djsfm did of his song and I was able to chat with him abit in private. For the sake of privacy this guest will be known "The Mystery Dj"...chatted briefly about various things like what I was doing as the set was going on and especially about our favorite Martians...Djsfm and the faithful night I saw them live. Now how to retrieve that chat log.

Well time to tune out....here's what I was making during the set for the SFU Summer Anime Festival, guys.


Pixel Art for the Festival

Making more pixel art for the Summer festival at SFU...have a look

To compliment my Autumn leaves...freehanded/drew snowflakes (Winter)
Watering Can (Spring), and Sand Bucket (Summer)
Again if there are any inquires just email me at --> engeldreizehn@hotmail.ca


Prepping for the SFU Summer Anime Festival

Alright! My perler beads came meaning I can make those nice pixel art pieces. This is what I manged to make today...had fun with palette swapping, and free handing/drawing my 8-bit leaves and the Kalos starter trio.

These guys will on sale at my half table at the Anime Summer Festival at SFU on July 20th. If you have any requests or wish to order any of my pixel art. Feel free to email me. Pick up at the festival it self can be arranged.

Email --> engeldreizehn@hotmail.ca