Gamer's Review - Wonderful End of the World

The world is going to be eaten up and its wonderful....First and four most Wonderful End of the World is inspired by the gameplay of Katamari Damacy however its still has its unique charm with the sneaky goddess overseeing the action and the funky soundtrack. The main difference, from Katamari is instead of controlling a ball you are controlling an invisible man that grows with absorbing items the same size as him and at the same getting bigger with every item absorbed....sound familiar.

Stages are short and super surreal at times.....imagine absorbing stuff within an 8 bit game, blocks of words and the classic garden...that's only a sample. You are given no goal on how big your trash man should be other then at the end of the round you are given a letter grade by the goddess and in order to unlock the other levels you have to get a good enough grade. Yes steam achievements are included.

I would suggest this game if you want another take the katamari experience on the PC and if you up for another take on the katamari style of gameplay.....especially if its discounted on steam.

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