Gamer's Review - Warframe

Well it looked interesting and it's one of the few sci-fi free to plays on steam soo....today on the chopping block we have War Frame. The premise is you are the Tenno; an nobile, ancient warrior race who has gained a reputation for their skill and power and now have been awaken to deal with mutated, enemy Grineer (so far) faction in control of the entire galaxy. So the galaxy in question is our solar system which has been colonized.

First of all what I was impressed with other the fact I am not squirming when blood oozes (for those who don't know I'm Hemophobic aka fear of blood and gore) is the art direction. Yes its a grim future in space and the entire galaxy is at war but judging by the organic look of the Tenno warriors you control and the Grineers bio-organic technology is what drives this system. The titular warframes are bio-organic metallic exosuits and the first sets of enemies you encounter are biological tech cyborgs. Game play is three person shooter primary with the primary form of attack being the gun however should the player choose, they can engage the enemy with a samurai style sword. The Tenno is also akin to being the Samurai of the galaxy, as when idle your Tenno character will sit and cross their legs alias a samurai resting and your guide and faction symbol is a Lotus.

Gameplay is straight forward third person fighting where you are exploring a "dungeon" with an object you shooting down all enemy units in the base or...blow up the reactor. Your War Frame, and weapons is upgradable with "mods" and use. Another important aspect is crafting.....weapons and warframes can be with blue prints received as drops and materials collected on missions. What surprised was puzzle elements were added in for the computer terminal sequences.

So far I enjoying the grim future sci-fi setting and third person is a new realm for me...see how long I will enjoy this.

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