Gamer's Review - Stretch Panic

Today on the chopping block we have what could be the most messed up, on weed and strangest game ever to grace the PlayStation 2 console, video game history and my own PS2 library...I'm talking about Stretch Panic.

 First here the clip from IGN

Take a few guesses why this game became out of print and rare even when PlayStation was popular. Despite its sheer zaniness, poor controls and gameplay it still has its moments of that's innovative and perfect conversation starter in gaming parties....three words Big Breasted enemies. The basic premise of Stretch Panic is you play the Linda who wields a demon possessed scarf which she can use to stretch anything in the environment to attack and move. Her vanity obsessed sisters have been possessed by demons, turned into their own twisted vision of beauty and put on display as exhibit in the Museum of Agony. as the "good" sister Linda has to go save them all.

What's strange about gameplay other then the short gameplay time is that most of this game is fighting with her sisters and the EX stages only serve for gaining points used to enter the sister's realm and the demon exorcising scarf bombs. control are really poor....both Linda and the scarf are controlled separately by the dual shock controls and this creates lots of havoc as Linda doesn't move very fast or acrobatically and you can actually mis-aim with the scarf even with auto targeting. To be honest the stretching gameplay is innovative and Demonica's stage plays out as you Linda trying to prevent her from entering the shack she is occupying because Demonica's appearance is so horrible it causes instant death.

As for art style, its incredibly simple but sickeningly colourful because of the nature of the stretching engine but why is this game so strange in look....ummm Picasso face on whatever, diva with a deadly temperment, living blob of jelly, vomit, oh yeh did I mention the big chested Bonita Zakos. This is one insane game

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