Gamer's Review - Pokemon Pinball Ruby and Sapphire

Now here's a very retro and brief review.....Pokemon Pinball Ruby and Sapphire. I say this game is perfect while going on long car trip or stuck on the airplane, which was the main reason I was eagerly looking for this game those many years ago.

Basically Pokemon Pinball RS is pinball with a big twist and addictive....so pinball addictive my non-pokemon playing wanted to play with. The Poke-twist is your ball is a pokeball and the point is to capture pokemon either by hitting targets on the field, hatching eggs and chasing after the runaway baby, or for the legendary pokemon completing their bonus stages. In addition you have the pokemart for all your pinball needs. Reflecting the duo nature of the game themselves, there two tables available for play with its different style of play and obstacles for example, on the Red Field you go against Groundon in a bonus stage while in Blue Field, it's Kyogre. The cute pokemon animation and style makes gameplay a very amusing pinball experience.

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