Dj's From Mars at Imperial in Vancouver

Wow last night was amazing why.....how often do aliens from Mars come to play a DJ set in Vancouver. Meet Dj's from Mars. Oh these two martians are very talented in the field of mash ups, Insane (in da Brain), and I have known these Turino Djs for a very long (9 years) because of their connection with Gabry Ponte, adoration of the Italian style of music and their style is truly from Mars...unique and sure to get earthlings moving. I really like'em.

Now of course being the cosplayer me....I wanted to embrace my cosplay side at the club. So I wore my Snow ver. Miku vest with long black pants for that stylish yet cosplay look. The cosplay was ordered in for an anime meet some while back. In continuing the cosplay/anime theme I had my Sumi bag as my shoulder sack accessorized with artist alley buttons (one of them being Miku) and of course my manicure was completely Rainbow Honey for colour and indie appeal.

I look stylish as Hatsune Miku don't I?  A cartoon ready to see cartoons live.

All these shades are from Rainbow Honey
Pink: Pinkie Promise over Be Mine
Blue:  Bubble Beam over Mare of the Moon

The actual show was AWESOME!!!! First of all the warm up act was DJ Jamie Van Goulden...I say his style of djing is perfect for warming up the crowds as they file in and getting ready. That was an interesting rendition of "Can't Get You Out of my Head". Then Boxheaded ladies waltz on stage...I give them points for being able dance with those boxes on their heads and bonus points for being good dancers at the same time.

Oh course if you know what Dj's from Mars even looks like in action this serves to herald....the djs themselves in their boxheaded, flashlight eyes glory calmly walk on stage CUE the epic herald music and wild cheers from audience and me.....*it's them*...VIVA ITALIA!!!! VIVA TURINO!!!

 Oh the pair just brought the house down with high energy, emotion and just party on into the night. Setlist highlights included mashups of "It's my life" ;oh that really got the crowd cheering, Carly Rae Jepsan feat. Owlcity; I actually liked that song, Pink, and Beastie's Boys Intergalactic; oh yes so appropriate for aliens. Those Martians really know how to get the crowd going and entertained...Angry Boxhead seemed more focused on the DJ task at hand yet took time to encourage the crowd, while Happy Boxhead was doing the same DJ task but interacted and played with the audience more as he did with me a few occasions. I was close to the stage. He actually mimed, when he saw my outfit, I'm watching you! and I mimed in return I'm watching you too! Actually he still could be still watching me. Grazies Happy Boxhead.

I am saying this truthfully I did not have one drop of alcohol or energy drink the entire night and I had extreme high energy till the end. It was dangerous for me to drink that night. In addition I do not know how to dance. I just let the cosplay persona and music guide me and all I recall was I was being an anime girl doing Jump-Style and Para-Para. Although I remember doing the Caramell-Dansen and instrument pantomime as a joke. Plus I was helping my friend peel a  (I GREATLY suspect) slightly tippy person off of her. My leg muscles are sore now!

The moment of the night which made my day....I got to meet the Boxheads themselves after. They spoke with strong but understandable, friendly Italian accents. This is what happened from my humble point of view. I called over/greeted them in Italian and by their real names. I was very nervous, excited and just trying to stay calm (plus in slight anime girl mode) when did come over to see me. I tried to keep my time with them as brief as possible. The details included: I am big fans of you guys for a long time and I waited a long time to see you live. They seemed surprised that I was able to recall "Open Sesame"....as quoted from them it's a very old song they composed. I was very impressed and happy that they were able to identify me quickly as Vocaloid ^_^ bonus points for Martians! To top it off autographs and hugs from them awww grazies. For menacing Martians they are nice and friendly aliens. Grazies Dj's from Mars this was a magical night that I will never forget.

Here are the pics taken with high sensitivity setting with the Lumix....

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