Battle Roads Spring 2013 - Vancouver

Well I learned one important thing....Cobalions and Bears do not mix well in a deck. Today's record was Win: 1 and L:4.....prob would have been the same as last times if it went to 7 rounds but still when you're at the bottom of the rankings you tend to get the door prizes so I got a Plasma Storm booster pack and in addition since I got a bye (the one win) I got another booster pack as a door prize. Sweet two free booster packs. ^_^ I manged to do some trading....experimenting with a drunken polar bear style.

How did my battle went? Well bad lucky this time but still had fun....I was toting one single pokemon most of the time and my first battle....I was doomed when the defending deck is completely steel deck versus polar bears and the steel types are immune to my non-ice EX pokemon....oh well. To be honest it was such a humid and sunny day, I do not remember what happened during my battles.

it was also free-day....so I picked a few free booklets curious about other the RPG/ trading card games. The interesting part when you visit a hobby/games store, you get to see interesting stuff. Had a Magic the gathering practice round after the tournament. Actually this is the first time i ever played Magic despite the fact i accidentally one day walked into a Grand Prix in progress and got a starter pack as a gift. I say its a different pace from Pokemon but enjoyable. Anyway signing off lets hope I can see ya at Worlds as Beartic.

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