Anime Evolution 2013 - Day 3 (Why do panels end late?)

I just have the one compliant about today besides the heat...why didn't the Closing Ceremonies end as it was printed in the schedule?!?!?!?!? I got in alot of trouble with my ride partly because of that!!!!!

Other then that final day of AE 2013 had its perks....the auction was fun to watch despite the fact they should put it as 18+ with all the jokes and I will not post here since this is a PG-13 blog but nice to see people bidding on unique stuff for the children and just how far will they go. ^_^

Did some final button shopping in the Artist Alley and even got one Charmender button for my sister....it's her birthday tomorrow.

Well during closing ceremonies I got a Gaia Online kitty as my prize for the 1000 crane raffle....ok only 7 people including me actually remembered to bring their raffle tickets so we all got Gaia Online kitty related prizes. Plus free old AE t-shirts for everyone. I love those t-shirts they make good PJs.

Well here's a sample of the photos I took today before the big dump off.

I am Beartic the Thundra Pokemon. hear me ROAR!!


  1. Ohhhh heeey!! I know who you are now haha
    I agree with the Auction, but it was enjoyable nonetheless

    Typically, events in AE (especially major ones) never finish on time :p

    1. Now I know:p oh auctions are always enjoyable, stuff on auction nice:)