Anime Evolution 2013 - Day 2 (Stuck in the Contest)

If you ever entered a cosplay contest before then you know most of the day is occupied with the behind the scene, and can be extremely exhausting at times. I'm not concerned with winning any though...I enter these contests just for the fun of it and its something very special when you part of the action and not merely the spectator. In addition you get to meet new people and see alot of cool costumes.^_^ Oh yes the competition was tough as always....in our category alone there were 4 champions from league of legends with one of them winning the journeymen category. Elizabeth won the novice category along side her plush Songbird. Forgot who won masters or best in show other then one or the other was War Machine or Spawn.

Even though I didn't win I am very happy with my Beartic outfit. It's Beartic from Pokemon rendered as a Siberian huntsmen wearing a light blue Rubashka with hand stitched details along with my ice beard face paint. According to my friend you must have a bottle of vodka and rope if you're going to be dressing as a traditional Siberian.....so that why Beartic is armed with a brew of Oran berry infused vodka. OK! the real story....actually the Smirnoff bottle didn't contain any alcohol obviously and really what was inside and what I sipped on stage was just water mixed with blue food colouring; tasted warm from the summer heat...and I just realized I may have been pushing the PG-13 limit on stage.

This is the manicure that came with my cosplay...cute isn't it?
Blue Paws: Kawako (RH) Sly Blue (Etude House) Bubble Beam (RH) (From Bottom coat up)
Pokeballs: White (Sally Hansen) An Affair in the Red Square (OPI) Black, Mt. Moon (RH as the overlay)

Well here are a sample of what I took today....post the rest in the end of convention photo dump.

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