Anime Evolution 2013 - Day 1 (It's a little horse)

Welcome to the whirl wind time of the year called the anime conventions. Now I may have mentioned in my Tsukino Con report but I manged to win a pass to this convention via a raffle contest. It's Day 1 of Anime Evolution and oh boy I did alot. First panel I attended was the 1000 origami workshop. If you know the tradition, folding 1000 paper cranes is said to grant you a wish....so the panelists of the workshop were hoping by the of the convention by able to fold 1000 cranes. Knowing folding 1000 cranes in 3 days is a tall order and I already knew how to fold a crane, I was more then willing to help out with folding cranes, lost count of how many I actually folded. Plus as an added incentive, each person gets raffle ticket for each crane they fold. So if you're reading this...we need to fold 1000 cranes by the end of AE 2013!!!!

Next thing I did after was play around with some carnival games which I'm really bad at. We had paper airplanes, fishing, and target practice as some of our carnival games.

Now I did have my fun in the dealers and artist alley but went small for now since I am on the look out for a possible Beartic plushie. All I got was a pair of Plasma Storm boosters (hey one pack contained Beartic!) and a few colourful artist alley buttons. Gotta love buttons.

In honor of the Cosplay I was wearing today....here's a bunch of My Little Pony cosplay I caught today. I was making it a mission today to catch several "mes" on lens. Oh yes I was Rainbow Dash today. Now I am ready to rock day 2 as Beartic. Don't worry I'll post the rest of my pics in the big end of convention photo dump.

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