Anime Evolution 2013 - Day 3 (Why do panels end late?)

I just have the one compliant about today besides the heat...why didn't the Closing Ceremonies end as it was printed in the schedule?!?!?!?!? I got in alot of trouble with my ride partly because of that!!!!!

Other then that final day of AE 2013 had its perks....the auction was fun to watch despite the fact they should put it as 18+ with all the jokes and I will not post here since this is a PG-13 blog but nice to see people bidding on unique stuff for the children and just how far will they go. ^_^

Did some final button shopping in the Artist Alley and even got one Charmender button for my sister....it's her birthday tomorrow.

Well during closing ceremonies I got a Gaia Online kitty as my prize for the 1000 crane raffle....ok only 7 people including me actually remembered to bring their raffle tickets so we all got Gaia Online kitty related prizes. Plus free old AE t-shirts for everyone. I love those t-shirts they make good PJs.

Well here's a sample of the photos I took today before the big dump off.

I am Beartic the Thundra Pokemon. hear me ROAR!!


Anime Evolution 2013 - Day 2 (Stuck in the Contest)

If you ever entered a cosplay contest before then you know most of the day is occupied with the behind the scene, and can be extremely exhausting at times. I'm not concerned with winning any though...I enter these contests just for the fun of it and its something very special when you part of the action and not merely the spectator. In addition you get to meet new people and see alot of cool costumes.^_^ Oh yes the competition was tough as always....in our category alone there were 4 champions from league of legends with one of them winning the journeymen category. Elizabeth won the novice category along side her plush Songbird. Forgot who won masters or best in show other then one or the other was War Machine or Spawn.

Even though I didn't win I am very happy with my Beartic outfit. It's Beartic from Pokemon rendered as a Siberian huntsmen wearing a light blue Rubashka with hand stitched details along with my ice beard face paint. According to my friend you must have a bottle of vodka and rope if you're going to be dressing as a traditional Siberian.....so that why Beartic is armed with a brew of Oran berry infused vodka. OK! the real story....actually the Smirnoff bottle didn't contain any alcohol obviously and really what was inside and what I sipped on stage was just water mixed with blue food colouring; tasted warm from the summer heat...and I just realized I may have been pushing the PG-13 limit on stage.

This is the manicure that came with my cosplay...cute isn't it?
Blue Paws: Kawako (RH) Sly Blue (Etude House) Bubble Beam (RH) (From Bottom coat up)
Pokeballs: White (Sally Hansen) An Affair in the Red Square (OPI) Black, Mt. Moon (RH as the overlay)

Well here are a sample of what I took today....post the rest in the end of convention photo dump.


Anime Evolution 2013 - Day 1 (It's a little horse)

Welcome to the whirl wind time of the year called the anime conventions. Now I may have mentioned in my Tsukino Con report but I manged to win a pass to this convention via a raffle contest. It's Day 1 of Anime Evolution and oh boy I did alot. First panel I attended was the 1000 origami workshop. If you know the tradition, folding 1000 paper cranes is said to grant you a wish....so the panelists of the workshop were hoping by the of the convention by able to fold 1000 cranes. Knowing folding 1000 cranes in 3 days is a tall order and I already knew how to fold a crane, I was more then willing to help out with folding cranes, lost count of how many I actually folded. Plus as an added incentive, each person gets raffle ticket for each crane they fold. So if you're reading this...we need to fold 1000 cranes by the end of AE 2013!!!!

Next thing I did after was play around with some carnival games which I'm really bad at. We had paper airplanes, fishing, and target practice as some of our carnival games.

Now I did have my fun in the dealers and artist alley but went small for now since I am on the look out for a possible Beartic plushie. All I got was a pair of Plasma Storm boosters (hey one pack contained Beartic!) and a few colourful artist alley buttons. Gotta love buttons.

In honor of the Cosplay I was wearing today....here's a bunch of My Little Pony cosplay I caught today. I was making it a mission today to catch several "mes" on lens. Oh yes I was Rainbow Dash today. Now I am ready to rock day 2 as Beartic. Don't worry I'll post the rest of my pics in the big end of convention photo dump.


Artist Alley Buttons arrived!!!

Alright my buttons for my Artist Alley Stint at SFU in July are here!!!! Oh these look very nice, and will be on sale at my half table at the Summer Festival at SFU in July. It's free admission, so come and support us artists.


Artist Alley Brainstorming.

Even though I already thought of my inventory for the upcoming Anime Summer Festival at SFU. That's doesn't keep me from thinking up of new ideas for future artist alley stints. Brainstorming today are ideas to go on buttons. Continuing from the inky style of the Pokemon Region Iconic Series <--these will be at the Summer Festival. I decided to go for a more original design direction, elements common in various different genres. They are meant to fit in with both fantasy/sci-fi and anime genre artist alleys. Have a look at my WIP ideas.^_^ If chosen for buttoning, they will look a bit different.


Rainbow Dash Manciure

Just getting my nails ready for the first cosplay of Anime Evolution 2013 to be worn....Rainbow Dash. The Beartic cosplay manicure will be different.
The Rainbow Dash Manicure (from the bottem up)
1st layer) Etude House: Light Blue
2nd Layer) Rainbow Honey : Celestia
3rd and 4th Layer)  Rainbow Honey: 20% Cooler


Nail Polish Work Shop at Metropolis.

Other then my hand needs more practice to avoid smudge and it was fun time at Metrotown when I attended a nail workshop my nail blogging sister was helping out with. The workshop was by donation with the proceeds going to charity. As part the nail lesson, I also got nail goodies fun. For my nail look I decide to do the Mars Eclipse (the red planet being partly eclipsed by a purple shadow) motif unique to my version of Mars.


Gamer's Review - Pokemon Pinball Ruby and Sapphire

Now here's a very retro and brief review.....Pokemon Pinball Ruby and Sapphire. I say this game is perfect while going on long car trip or stuck on the airplane, which was the main reason I was eagerly looking for this game those many years ago.

Basically Pokemon Pinball RS is pinball with a big twist and addictive....so pinball addictive my non-pokemon playing wanted to play with. The Poke-twist is your ball is a pokeball and the point is to capture pokemon either by hitting targets on the field, hatching eggs and chasing after the runaway baby, or for the legendary pokemon completing their bonus stages. In addition you have the pokemart for all your pinball needs. Reflecting the duo nature of the game themselves, there two tables available for play with its different style of play and obstacles for example, on the Red Field you go against Groundon in a bonus stage while in Blue Field, it's Kyogre. The cute pokemon animation and style makes gameplay a very amusing pinball experience.


Dj's From Mars at Imperial in Vancouver

Wow last night was amazing why.....how often do aliens from Mars come to play a DJ set in Vancouver. Meet Dj's from Mars. Oh these two martians are very talented in the field of mash ups, Insane (in da Brain), and I have known these Turino Djs for a very long (9 years) because of their connection with Gabry Ponte, adoration of the Italian style of music and their style is truly from Mars...unique and sure to get earthlings moving. I really like'em.

Now of course being the cosplayer me....I wanted to embrace my cosplay side at the club. So I wore my Snow ver. Miku vest with long black pants for that stylish yet cosplay look. The cosplay was ordered in for an anime meet some while back. In continuing the cosplay/anime theme I had my Sumi bag as my shoulder sack accessorized with artist alley buttons (one of them being Miku) and of course my manicure was completely Rainbow Honey for colour and indie appeal.

I look stylish as Hatsune Miku don't I?  A cartoon ready to see cartoons live.

All these shades are from Rainbow Honey
Pink: Pinkie Promise over Be Mine
Blue:  Bubble Beam over Mare of the Moon

The actual show was AWESOME!!!! First of all the warm up act was DJ Jamie Van Goulden...I say his style of djing is perfect for warming up the crowds as they file in and getting ready. That was an interesting rendition of "Can't Get You Out of my Head". Then Boxheaded ladies waltz on stage...I give them points for being able dance with those boxes on their heads and bonus points for being good dancers at the same time.

Oh course if you know what Dj's from Mars even looks like in action this serves to herald....the djs themselves in their boxheaded, flashlight eyes glory calmly walk on stage CUE the epic herald music and wild cheers from audience and me.....*it's them*...VIVA ITALIA!!!! VIVA TURINO!!!

 Oh the pair just brought the house down with high energy, emotion and just party on into the night. Setlist highlights included mashups of "It's my life" ;oh that really got the crowd cheering, Carly Rae Jepsan feat. Owlcity; I actually liked that song, Pink, and Beastie's Boys Intergalactic; oh yes so appropriate for aliens. Those Martians really know how to get the crowd going and entertained...Angry Boxhead seemed more focused on the DJ task at hand yet took time to encourage the crowd, while Happy Boxhead was doing the same DJ task but interacted and played with the audience more as he did with me a few occasions. I was close to the stage. He actually mimed, when he saw my outfit, I'm watching you! and I mimed in return I'm watching you too! Actually he still could be still watching me. Grazies Happy Boxhead.

I am saying this truthfully I did not have one drop of alcohol or energy drink the entire night and I had extreme high energy till the end. It was dangerous for me to drink that night. In addition I do not know how to dance. I just let the cosplay persona and music guide me and all I recall was I was being an anime girl doing Jump-Style and Para-Para. Although I remember doing the Caramell-Dansen and instrument pantomime as a joke. Plus I was helping my friend peel a  (I GREATLY suspect) slightly tippy person off of her. My leg muscles are sore now!

The moment of the night which made my day....I got to meet the Boxheads themselves after. They spoke with strong but understandable, friendly Italian accents. This is what happened from my humble point of view. I called over/greeted them in Italian and by their real names. I was very nervous, excited and just trying to stay calm (plus in slight anime girl mode) when did come over to see me. I tried to keep my time with them as brief as possible. The details included: I am big fans of you guys for a long time and I waited a long time to see you live. They seemed surprised that I was able to recall "Open Sesame"....as quoted from them it's a very old song they composed. I was very impressed and happy that they were able to identify me quickly as Vocaloid ^_^ bonus points for Martians! To top it off autographs and hugs from them awww grazies. For menacing Martians they are nice and friendly aliens. Grazies Dj's from Mars this was a magical night that I will never forget.

Here are the pics taken with high sensitivity setting with the Lumix....


Battle Roads Spring 2013 - Vancouver

Well I learned one important thing....Cobalions and Bears do not mix well in a deck. Today's record was Win: 1 and L:4.....prob would have been the same as last times if it went to 7 rounds but still when you're at the bottom of the rankings you tend to get the door prizes so I got a Plasma Storm booster pack and in addition since I got a bye (the one win) I got another booster pack as a door prize. Sweet two free booster packs. ^_^ I manged to do some trading....experimenting with a drunken polar bear style.

How did my battle went? Well bad lucky this time but still had fun....I was toting one single pokemon most of the time and my first battle....I was doomed when the defending deck is completely steel deck versus polar bears and the steel types are immune to my non-ice EX pokemon....oh well. To be honest it was such a humid and sunny day, I do not remember what happened during my battles.

it was also free-day....so I picked a few free booklets curious about other the RPG/ trading card games. The interesting part when you visit a hobby/games store, you get to see interesting stuff. Had a Magic the gathering practice round after the tournament. Actually this is the first time i ever played Magic despite the fact i accidentally one day walked into a Grand Prix in progress and got a starter pack as a gift. I say its a different pace from Pokemon but enjoyable. Anyway signing off lets hope I can see ya at Worlds as Beartic.


Gamer's Review - Stretch Panic

Today on the chopping block we have what could be the most messed up, on weed and strangest game ever to grace the PlayStation 2 console, video game history and my own PS2 library...I'm talking about Stretch Panic.

 First here the clip from IGN

Take a few guesses why this game became out of print and rare even when PlayStation was popular. Despite its sheer zaniness, poor controls and gameplay it still has its moments of that's innovative and perfect conversation starter in gaming parties....three words Big Breasted enemies. The basic premise of Stretch Panic is you play the Linda who wields a demon possessed scarf which she can use to stretch anything in the environment to attack and move. Her vanity obsessed sisters have been possessed by demons, turned into their own twisted vision of beauty and put on display as exhibit in the Museum of Agony. as the "good" sister Linda has to go save them all.

What's strange about gameplay other then the short gameplay time is that most of this game is fighting with her sisters and the EX stages only serve for gaining points used to enter the sister's realm and the demon exorcising scarf bombs. control are really poor....both Linda and the scarf are controlled separately by the dual shock controls and this creates lots of havoc as Linda doesn't move very fast or acrobatically and you can actually mis-aim with the scarf even with auto targeting. To be honest the stretching gameplay is innovative and Demonica's stage plays out as you Linda trying to prevent her from entering the shack she is occupying because Demonica's appearance is so horrible it causes instant death.

As for art style, its incredibly simple but sickeningly colourful because of the nature of the stretching engine but why is this game so strange in look....ummm Picasso face on whatever, diva with a deadly temperment, living blob of jelly, vomit, oh yeh did I mention the big chested Bonita Zakos. This is one insane game


Cosplayer's Manicure - Stylized Xernas and Yveltal

With Battle Roads coming up I decided to make my Manicure a little poke style. This time the inspiration again is Xernas and Yveltal only this time are stylized and minimalism in elements. Both manicures are mirror counter parts of each other based on their main colours and markings....the liquids sands turned out to be perfect colours to represent Xernas and Yveltal...more for Yveltal.

Liquid Sand: Get Your Number (OPI)
Crackle- Shade: Hanging in the Balance (China Glaze)
Crackle: Ink Splatter (Sally Hansen)
Shimmer Overlay: Celestia (Rainbow Honey)

Liquid Sand: Stay the Night (OPI)
Crackle - Shade: An Affair in the Red Square (OPI)
Crackle: Ink Splatter (Sally Hansen)
Shimmer Overlay: Celestia (Rainbow Honey)


SFU Anime Summer festival 2013 - Getting Ready....Artist Alley Preview

Just filled out the form and paid for the fee for a half table for artist alley for the Summer Anime Festival on July 20th. Its a one day free admission anime festival so come out and support us artists.

What is in the works for my half table.....!!!! Kalos region will be on table.
Perler Bead Pixel Art.

My Original Design Series - No Passports. Here is Jaroslav the steam punk mermaid.

 und......new for this turn. BUTTONS!!! Planning on making these poke-region designs as buttons. They will be colour tinted.!

 See ya at SFU for the festival..


Gamer's Review - Warframe

Well it looked interesting and it's one of the few sci-fi free to plays on steam soo....today on the chopping block we have War Frame. The premise is you are the Tenno; an nobile, ancient warrior race who has gained a reputation for their skill and power and now have been awaken to deal with mutated, enemy Grineer (so far) faction in control of the entire galaxy. So the galaxy in question is our solar system which has been colonized.

First of all what I was impressed with other the fact I am not squirming when blood oozes (for those who don't know I'm Hemophobic aka fear of blood and gore) is the art direction. Yes its a grim future in space and the entire galaxy is at war but judging by the organic look of the Tenno warriors you control and the Grineers bio-organic technology is what drives this system. The titular warframes are bio-organic metallic exosuits and the first sets of enemies you encounter are biological tech cyborgs. Game play is three person shooter primary with the primary form of attack being the gun however should the player choose, they can engage the enemy with a samurai style sword. The Tenno is also akin to being the Samurai of the galaxy, as when idle your Tenno character will sit and cross their legs alias a samurai resting and your guide and faction symbol is a Lotus.

Gameplay is straight forward third person fighting where you are exploring a "dungeon" with an object you shooting down all enemy units in the base or...blow up the reactor. Your War Frame, and weapons is upgradable with "mods" and use. Another important aspect is crafting.....weapons and warframes can be with blue prints received as drops and materials collected on missions. What surprised was puzzle elements were added in for the computer terminal sequences.

So far I enjoying the grim future sci-fi setting and third person is a new realm for me...see how long I will enjoy this.


Gamer's Review - Wonderful End of the World

The world is going to be eaten up and its wonderful....First and four most Wonderful End of the World is inspired by the gameplay of Katamari Damacy however its still has its unique charm with the sneaky goddess overseeing the action and the funky soundtrack. The main difference, from Katamari is instead of controlling a ball you are controlling an invisible man that grows with absorbing items the same size as him and at the same getting bigger with every item absorbed....sound familiar.

Stages are short and super surreal at times.....imagine absorbing stuff within an 8 bit game, blocks of words and the classic garden...that's only a sample. You are given no goal on how big your trash man should be other then at the end of the round you are given a letter grade by the goddess and in order to unlock the other levels you have to get a good enough grade. Yes steam achievements are included.

I would suggest this game if you want another take the katamari experience on the PC and if you up for another take on the katamari style of gameplay.....especially if its discounted on steam.