Trying RH's Bubble Beam

Oh love love it and it came in the mail just in time for cosplay making week. Rainbow Honey's Bubble Beam is their April limited edition inspired by the water type pokemons....bubble beam is the name of a move. So planning on being Beartic I just had to order this as part of the cosplay along side the Kawako I got as a gift. Beartic has very prominent claws so of course I was thinking about how to design my nails as well as the actual outfit.
Look at that sparkle in a bottle

Experimenting with the look....Bubble Beam is very sheer like but wonderful blue holographic squares along side white glitter squares. Very watery look but with the square glitter it can be an icy polish with the right colour combo.....plus (at least 2 coats over Kawako) a colour shifting blue and purple effect alias an aurora. Sounds like the perfect effect for an ice type pokemon to show off "her" nails with. The experiment....its look cool but I feel it needs some improving and a little too thick. Hmmm see how it looks another time without the glow layer.
In layering order from bottom to top
Kawako (Rainbow Honey)
Glow Coat
Bubble Beam 2x coat (Rainbow Honey)

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