Star Wars Day and Free Comic Day

Hotter then Tatooine today and a Massive convergence of geek kind has happened today....it is both May 4th Star Wars Day and its Free Comic Book Day. First thing first its Star Wars Day so I to show you my beloved Star Wars toy....Jedi Mickey straight from Disney World itself specifically Disney Studios Park. He is just soooo cute in his little Jedi Robes and light saber and with the fact I just came off the Star Tours ride...cute. Even my nail blogging sister is getting in on the act.
See Link for details --> http://www.cosmeticproof.com/2013/05/may-fourth-be-with-you-nails.html

May the Mickey be Cute for you.

Now what did I get from Free Book Day. I went to downtown corridor's place for comics and such; Golden Age Comics. What so special about how the big day is done at this place....pick 4 from a really big selection laid out on a really big table, and check them at the counter for security reasons. A really diverse section too...I didn't have this big a selection the first time I (by accident) found out about Free comic Book Day in Victoria. The selection I picked was Disney, Batman, Sponge Bob and Pippi Long Stocking oh yes did I mention they were free...interesting proof that yes the genres and the medium of comic books is more then what it looks...
Gotta love the classic super hero.

Memories of my visit to the Swedish Pavilion at the World Fairs.
 I have a Pippi plush doll

You should already know I am a Disney Fan.

Casual Fan of Sponge Bob but curious what the comic is like.

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