Xernas and Yveltal Manicures

Other then this is a really messy job.....my attempt Xernas and Yveltal manicures. I'm not even going to list what colours I used....too many to label and count, other then China Glaze, OPI, Sally Hansen and Rainbow Honey.

Xernas didnt turn as well as I hoped mostly because I didn't have a yellow to match his horn colour however the eye on the thumb turned out fantastic! Yveltal turned out much better by alot. The Sally Hansen black crackle over OPI's "An Affair in the Red Square" created a look that matched Yveltal's blood red body and black vein patterns perfectly. The eye on the thumb turned out well too despite the Xernas's X pupil eyes was better.

Well how do they look?
The Xernas Manicure

The Yveltal Manicure

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