Gamer's Review - Reus

What intrigued me about Reus from Dutch company Abbey games when I saw it on steam was basically you have to recreate a dead lifeless world into paradise, the graphical style great and I can tell you right now it was kind of hard to tear my self from the game to start writing this review.

The basic gameplay/premise is as mention you have are charged with the tasked of bringing life and paradise to the dead world commanding over giant titans of nature, each of special abilities like for example the crabbish Ocean Giant can create oceans and the Forest giant can create forests and berries for food. Interaction between the forces is also important, for example forests can only grow with water sources and mountains create deserts in absence of water. In addition most importantly  you are tasked with the welfare of the villages that pop up when with paradise is found. Village expand with prosperity with food, wealth and technological resources and every plant, mineral and animal is worth a certain value of resources, which the giants in turn has the power to create and/or power up. Each plant, mineral and animal's resource value also increase with the proper "symbiosis" with another resource type. You have over no control over the actions of your little village people and they can do anything on their own which includes making large scale projects like schools and more dramatically declaring war on another village.

The interface is simple to use....the world is round and made out of "patches". Just select a titan and choose which power to use then chose the spot to place per say an ocean. Graphical style is 2-D flash animation...the little village people look like little coloured people specks in comparison to the titans. While the titans themselves are simplistic in style too however since they are the forces of nature they have more detail then the little people for example the forest giant is a tree man of bark and leaves while the ocean giant seem to be made out of sea stone with sealife growing on him.

If you're looking to manage paradise and a unique experience I would suggest this game. Click here to check out their website