Gamer's Review - Ragnarok Online 2

To be honest I only installed and played with Ragnarok Online 2 first time today because my Meet up group was planing to do an online gaming meet up. All I can saw is I glad they did because I love it:) The setting for RO2 is med-evil fantasy with notes of Norse mythology mixed with heavy anime hi-jinxes ...for example the beginer monsters you get to beat up as the jelly filled Porrings, evil rabbits, and dandelions ...and one of your missions is beating up a scarecrow dummy because the farmer is paranoid about it. In addition to be honest it was kind of hard to tear myself away and do this review.

Game play is classic mmorpg fare. You start with choosing a class (in my case I picked archery) and you customize the look of your character. In addition to normal battling with roaming monsters you are assigned quests from NPC's, bonus achievement quests, you can upgrade your class, crafting and dungeon exploring however I am not strong enough to explore the other "stuff" yet. I am impressed with the detail  of the anime style graphics and 3-D plane of gaming. I was also impressed that voice acting is included somewhat, and actually a decent soundtrack in comparison to normal anime graphic style mmorpg. I look to seeing what else this game has in store for me and will it held my attention?

I would suggest this game because well its free to play and anime fans will love the scenario and art style.

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