Gamer's Review - Botanicula

Sorry it has been a long since I written anything so today on the chopping block we have the latest release from Amanita...Botanicula. In a stark contrast to the robotic world of Machinerium, the world of Botanicula is all plant life in a contained world. You are in command of a ragtag group of friends who are trying to find the life source of their tree world after a mysterious spider snatches it.

Like Machinerium a bulk of the game play is  point click adventure however there is a side quest where you get achievements for exploring and discovering the various creatures in this weird tree world eco-system. The wildlife wild varies in appearance, bug-like and most of the time boarders on the surreal for example, you could meet musical playing bugs, or mammoth sized flies. The unique characteristics of each member of your team also plays an important part in solving puzzles, for example you can use the stick bug for hard to reach places or use Mr. Lightning bug to shed some light on the situation.

The art direction is very much hard drawn in style but very nature motifed and paletted....The veins of the tree's branches glows brightly with life and fades when the spider creature feeds on it, the sky is bright shades of green, and everything in this tree world is in harmony with each, being "grown" from the tree itself. The sound track is also fittingly bizarre like the world...no "artificial" sounding sounds but rather organic tones of the human and musical instruments. No creature in this world talks in a normal snese but like in Machineruium wildlife talks in a series of yeeps and eeps along side pictogram speech bubbles which also give the player clues on how to solve a puzzle.

In conclusion this another master yet strange master piece from Amanita here is the trailer from IGN

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