Favorite Pokemons

Every pokemon Trainer have at least one favorite pokemon. I have several of them but here is the top six Pokemon I love to use....and Beartic is not my only signature Pokemon. Credits to Pokecharms for the make your own trainer card thingy -->http://www.pokecharms.com/trainercards/

Yes that's my BW2 trainer name and friend code.
Why I love these Pokemon (note this is not representative of my battle team...almost)

Beartic: It's the Polar Bear with lovely coat of fur, huge and fangs of ICE!! also started with me thinking cubchoo was cute.

Gardevoir: Sign I love the Hoenn generation...Once I laid eyes on her I thought oh she is so pretty...and when I got Emerald (I didnt get RS due to not having a GB advanced at the time) I went all out to catch a female Ralts ASAP and that Gardevoir continues to be my "show"/"mini-game" Pokemon from then on through.

Pachirisu: Electric squirrels are cute and I was given a life sized Pachi pokedoll as a gift direct from Japan itself. It was so cute and fluffy I couldn't put it down for one week and it translated into the gaming world. Pick Up can be a useful and fun ability.

Blaziken: I very much wanted to choose Torchic as my starter in Hoenn and from then on I was so used to to using Blaziken as my fire type fighter that I kept breeding Torchics from the previous Generation's Blaziken to use in the current generation.....in nutshell the current Blaziken being used is the great great etc grand son of the original Blaziken.

Kyogre: Kyogre is my favorite of the Hoenn legends and most of all Kyogre was the first cosplay I ever made for a contest and I won honorable mention.

Swanna: I love swans especially with a pretty ballet style plumage.....guess what I was thinking when i saw the BW release pictures.

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