Animated Review - Hawaiian Vacation

Today on a wonderful Mother's Day we have Toy Story's Hawaiian Vacation. Hawaiian is the first animated short in the Toy Toons series and released in Theaters with Car 2 as the "opening act". This short is set after  Toy Story 3. Woody and the gang are enjoying the good life in Bonnie's room and are set to enjoy their own vacation when Bonnie is set to go to Hawaii. However Ken and Barbie wanting to go Hawaii too with Bonnie for the first kiss together ends up in Bonnie's room by accident after a slight mix up with Bonnie's backpack. Wanting to cheer up a depressed Ken the gang decides to transform Bonnie's Room into Hawaii.

It's fun that we get to see how the toys are enjoying life in Bonnie and more hijinxes packed into a short animated block. It was delightful to see the colours of "Hawaii".....the toys managed to transport us and Ken and Barbie by using every single object and craft supply in Bonnie room they can find to create hand made pretty good cut outs of a Hawaiian resort and activities with added costumes. For example, Hamm ends up being the pig with an apple in his mouth(with added sarcasm) and with a cardboard box, strings, and a TV set they simulate diving off the coast of Hawaii. Then not to spoil the ending it has a heart warming ending and in traditional Pixar style....well it involves an ice pick.

In conclusion this short was delight to see and it more then a great warm for audience before seeing the main feature in theaters. Here is a short clip from Pixar's Youtube channel.

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