When MMORPG's have a glitch....

Every had that moment while playing an epic scale MMORPG when suddenly the graphical landscape becomes well fractured due to lagging, a glitch or whatever? Well that what happened when I was minding my own business in Ragnarok Online 2. I say its kind of a surreal experience when the inner workings gets exposed.


Xernas and Yveltal Manicures

Other then this is a really messy job.....my attempt Xernas and Yveltal manicures. I'm not even going to list what colours I used....too many to label and count, other then China Glaze, OPI, Sally Hansen and Rainbow Honey.

Xernas didnt turn as well as I hoped mostly because I didn't have a yellow to match his horn colour however the eye on the thumb turned out fantastic! Yveltal turned out much better by alot. The Sally Hansen black crackle over OPI's "An Affair in the Red Square" created a look that matched Yveltal's blood red body and black vein patterns perfectly. The eye on the thumb turned out well too despite the Xernas's X pupil eyes was better.

Well how do they look?
The Xernas Manicure

The Yveltal Manicure


Beartic Cosplay Progress

I did it today....finish off all the embroidery of my cosplay master piece and I estimated it took 7-9 hours just to sew every single thread of all the stitching.....went geometric Russian style with twirls of fern flowers and jagged shapes to represent Beartic's trademark ice fang beard. Still we are not done yet with ear making and weapon.


Gala Fluttershy Manicure

This time I aimed for a Fluttershy Manicure....more so on her galloping gala look with the Fluttershy polish from Rainbow Honey and a field of green like her dress.
Green: Opi's "Stop on Green"
Glittery Overlay : Rainbow Honey's "A Little Kindness"
Holo Glitter Over Lay: Kleancolor's "Chucky Holo Purple"


Gamer's Review - Ragnarok Online 2

To be honest I only installed and played with Ragnarok Online 2 first time today because my Meet up group was planing to do an online gaming meet up. All I can saw is I glad they did because I love it:) The setting for RO2 is med-evil fantasy with notes of Norse mythology mixed with heavy anime hi-jinxes ...for example the beginer monsters you get to beat up as the jelly filled Porrings, evil rabbits, and dandelions ...and one of your missions is beating up a scarecrow dummy because the farmer is paranoid about it. In addition to be honest it was kind of hard to tear myself away and do this review.

Game play is classic mmorpg fare. You start with choosing a class (in my case I picked archery) and you customize the look of your character. In addition to normal battling with roaming monsters you are assigned quests from NPC's, bonus achievement quests, you can upgrade your class, crafting and dungeon exploring however I am not strong enough to explore the other "stuff" yet. I am impressed with the detail  of the anime style graphics and 3-D plane of gaming. I was also impressed that voice acting is included somewhat, and actually a decent soundtrack in comparison to normal anime graphic style mmorpg. I look to seeing what else this game has in store for me and will it held my attention?

I would suggest this game because well its free to play and anime fans will love the scenario and art style.


Pokemon Region Badge Ideas

Just an idea I am toying with a future artist alley stint as buttons....Pokemon region badges. Almost minimalistic style motifs representing each region of the main game Pokemon series from Kanto to the new region Kalos.

The thinking behind each design.....
Kanto - It's Mt. Moon at night.
Johto - Bell Tower with Mt. Silver in the background.
Hoenn - Sky Pillar in Hoenn
Sinnoh - Spear Pillar ruins in front of Mt. Coronet
Unova - Black City and White Forest
Kalos - The Eiffel Tower look alike in Lumiose City. (Fun Fact I have climbed the real Eiffel Tower before)

If you want these badge designs to appear at an artist alley start commenting please so I can gauge demand/popularity please!


Gamer's Review - Reus

What intrigued me about Reus from Dutch company Abbey games when I saw it on steam was basically you have to recreate a dead lifeless world into paradise, the graphical style great and I can tell you right now it was kind of hard to tear my self from the game to start writing this review.

The basic gameplay/premise is as mention you have are charged with the tasked of bringing life and paradise to the dead world commanding over giant titans of nature, each of special abilities like for example the crabbish Ocean Giant can create oceans and the Forest giant can create forests and berries for food. Interaction between the forces is also important, for example forests can only grow with water sources and mountains create deserts in absence of water. In addition most importantly  you are tasked with the welfare of the villages that pop up when with paradise is found. Village expand with prosperity with food, wealth and technological resources and every plant, mineral and animal is worth a certain value of resources, which the giants in turn has the power to create and/or power up. Each plant, mineral and animal's resource value also increase with the proper "symbiosis" with another resource type. You have over no control over the actions of your little village people and they can do anything on their own which includes making large scale projects like schools and more dramatically declaring war on another village.

The interface is simple to use....the world is round and made out of "patches". Just select a titan and choose which power to use then chose the spot to place per say an ocean. Graphical style is 2-D flash animation...the little village people look like little coloured people specks in comparison to the titans. While the titans themselves are simplistic in style too however since they are the forces of nature they have more detail then the little people for example the forest giant is a tree man of bark and leaves while the ocean giant seem to be made out of sea stone with sealife growing on him.

If you're looking to manage paradise and a unique experience I would suggest this game. Click here to check out their website


Poke Gifts in the Poke Mail

What a better thing to cheer up a Pokemon Trainer after a gloom day then real Pokemail in the mail. If you have a Play Pokemon Account and you built up enough points from taking part in the official tournaments multiple times and so forth....you get free stuff which in my case was basic energies, both kinds of blend energies, and eviolites. This will be useful in the new deck i'm making:)


Animated Review - Hawaiian Vacation

Today on a wonderful Mother's Day we have Toy Story's Hawaiian Vacation. Hawaiian is the first animated short in the Toy Toons series and released in Theaters with Car 2 as the "opening act". This short is set after  Toy Story 3. Woody and the gang are enjoying the good life in Bonnie's room and are set to enjoy their own vacation when Bonnie is set to go to Hawaii. However Ken and Barbie wanting to go Hawaii too with Bonnie for the first kiss together ends up in Bonnie's room by accident after a slight mix up with Bonnie's backpack. Wanting to cheer up a depressed Ken the gang decides to transform Bonnie's Room into Hawaii.

It's fun that we get to see how the toys are enjoying life in Bonnie and more hijinxes packed into a short animated block. It was delightful to see the colours of "Hawaii".....the toys managed to transport us and Ken and Barbie by using every single object and craft supply in Bonnie room they can find to create hand made pretty good cut outs of a Hawaiian resort and activities with added costumes. For example, Hamm ends up being the pig with an apple in his mouth(with added sarcasm) and with a cardboard box, strings, and a TV set they simulate diving off the coast of Hawaii. Then not to spoil the ending it has a heart warming ending and in traditional Pixar style....well it involves an ice pick.

In conclusion this short was delight to see and it more then a great warm for audience before seeing the main feature in theaters. Here is a short clip from Pixar's Youtube channel.


Goldeen Manicure

In another series of getting creative with your manicures....this time i stilled wanted to show my sister the Cosmetic Proof blogger Rainbow Honey's "Bubble Beam" look....so I went for a Goldeen swiming in the ocean look. A two toned look.....painted two of my fingers on one hand to resemble Goldeen fish tails (with Sally Hansen's white with red and orange details) tails while the "ocean" is Two Coat of Rainbow Honey's "Bubble Beam" over one coat of China Glaze's "Water are you waiting for"


Beartic Cosplay - Part 2 (the stitchery details)

Well at it again with making my grand Beartic Cosplay and so far....its going to look grand. Did the FIRST part of the stiching details of the shirt. This is the only part I am going to post....the rest will be shown when the actual is done and gets it premiere at AE and/or Pokemon Worlds this summer. In keeping with the Russian motif this crest incorporates Russian textile motifs (ex the fern flowers) and sharp motifs to represent ice and fangs with the cross stitched sprite of Beartic...every inch is hand stitched and its took 2-3 hours all together. This is only the first part of the stitchery details.


Beartic Cosplay - Part 1

Making huge leaps with a Beartic Cosplay....who doesn't want to be the world's most dangerous and temperamental polar bear bearing fangs of ice and in the case of my VG Beartic....avalanche crushing:)...plus its my signature TCG Pokemon for those who have battled and know me. Going for a Russian-Siberian style for this one so today i started off by just making the Rubashka (that's a traditional shirt for males in Russia). Took a while but here it is....next step is now the embroiderer motifs and cross stitching, plus figuring out how to turn a Smirnoff bottle into a prop weapon.


Trying RH's Bubble Beam

Oh love love it and it came in the mail just in time for cosplay making week. Rainbow Honey's Bubble Beam is their April limited edition inspired by the water type pokemons....bubble beam is the name of a move. So planning on being Beartic I just had to order this as part of the cosplay along side the Kawako I got as a gift. Beartic has very prominent claws so of course I was thinking about how to design my nails as well as the actual outfit.
Look at that sparkle in a bottle

Experimenting with the look....Bubble Beam is very sheer like but wonderful blue holographic squares along side white glitter squares. Very watery look but with the square glitter it can be an icy polish with the right colour combo.....plus (at least 2 coats over Kawako) a colour shifting blue and purple effect alias an aurora. Sounds like the perfect effect for an ice type pokemon to show off "her" nails with. The experiment....its look cool but I feel it needs some improving and a little too thick. Hmmm see how it looks another time without the glow layer.
In layering order from bottom to top
Kawako (Rainbow Honey)
Glow Coat
Bubble Beam 2x coat (Rainbow Honey)

Favorite Pokemons

Every pokemon Trainer have at least one favorite pokemon. I have several of them but here is the top six Pokemon I love to use....and Beartic is not my only signature Pokemon. Credits to Pokecharms for the make your own trainer card thingy -->http://www.pokecharms.com/trainercards/

Yes that's my BW2 trainer name and friend code.
Why I love these Pokemon (note this is not representative of my battle team...almost)

Beartic: It's the Polar Bear with lovely coat of fur, huge and fangs of ICE!! also started with me thinking cubchoo was cute.

Gardevoir: Sign I love the Hoenn generation...Once I laid eyes on her I thought oh she is so pretty...and when I got Emerald (I didnt get RS due to not having a GB advanced at the time) I went all out to catch a female Ralts ASAP and that Gardevoir continues to be my "show"/"mini-game" Pokemon from then on through.

Pachirisu: Electric squirrels are cute and I was given a life sized Pachi pokedoll as a gift direct from Japan itself. It was so cute and fluffy I couldn't put it down for one week and it translated into the gaming world. Pick Up can be a useful and fun ability.

Blaziken: I very much wanted to choose Torchic as my starter in Hoenn and from then on I was so used to to using Blaziken as my fire type fighter that I kept breeding Torchics from the previous Generation's Blaziken to use in the current generation.....in nutshell the current Blaziken being used is the great great etc grand son of the original Blaziken.

Kyogre: Kyogre is my favorite of the Hoenn legends and most of all Kyogre was the first cosplay I ever made for a contest and I won honorable mention.

Swanna: I love swans especially with a pretty ballet style plumage.....guess what I was thinking when i saw the BW release pictures.


Star Wars Day and Free Comic Day

Hotter then Tatooine today and a Massive convergence of geek kind has happened today....it is both May 4th Star Wars Day and its Free Comic Book Day. First thing first its Star Wars Day so I to show you my beloved Star Wars toy....Jedi Mickey straight from Disney World itself specifically Disney Studios Park. He is just soooo cute in his little Jedi Robes and light saber and with the fact I just came off the Star Tours ride...cute. Even my nail blogging sister is getting in on the act.
See Link for details --> http://www.cosmeticproof.com/2013/05/may-fourth-be-with-you-nails.html

May the Mickey be Cute for you.

Now what did I get from Free Book Day. I went to downtown corridor's place for comics and such; Golden Age Comics. What so special about how the big day is done at this place....pick 4 from a really big selection laid out on a really big table, and check them at the counter for security reasons. A really diverse section too...I didn't have this big a selection the first time I (by accident) found out about Free comic Book Day in Victoria. The selection I picked was Disney, Batman, Sponge Bob and Pippi Long Stocking oh yes did I mention they were free...interesting proof that yes the genres and the medium of comic books is more then what it looks...
Gotta love the classic super hero.

Memories of my visit to the Swedish Pavilion at the World Fairs.
 I have a Pippi plush doll

You should already know I am a Disney Fan.

Casual Fan of Sponge Bob but curious what the comic is like.


DJ Pon3 (aka Vinyl Scratch) Manicure

Decide to do a none Mane-6 Manicure idea and oooo I like the result. Learning from my Russian flag manicure I decided to two toned for this one with white for Pon3's body and the other half her mane colours. For the pony magic touch Rainbow Honey Equestaria Collection glitter overlay and for that rave effect....the white body can glow in the dark. Ist's that fitting for a raving pony or what:)
White Body: White (Sally Hasen) + Glow Effects
Aqua Blue: Can't Find My Czech Book (OPI)
Navy Blue : Kawako (Rainbow Honey)
Glitter Overlay: Worst Possible Thing (Rainbow Honey)


Gamer's Review - Botanicula

Sorry it has been a long since I written anything so today on the chopping block we have the latest release from Amanita...Botanicula. In a stark contrast to the robotic world of Machinerium, the world of Botanicula is all plant life in a contained world. You are in command of a ragtag group of friends who are trying to find the life source of their tree world after a mysterious spider snatches it.

Like Machinerium a bulk of the game play is  point click adventure however there is a side quest where you get achievements for exploring and discovering the various creatures in this weird tree world eco-system. The wildlife wild varies in appearance, bug-like and most of the time boarders on the surreal for example, you could meet musical playing bugs, or mammoth sized flies. The unique characteristics of each member of your team also plays an important part in solving puzzles, for example you can use the stick bug for hard to reach places or use Mr. Lightning bug to shed some light on the situation.

The art direction is very much hard drawn in style but very nature motifed and paletted....The veins of the tree's branches glows brightly with life and fades when the spider creature feeds on it, the sky is bright shades of green, and everything in this tree world is in harmony with each, being "grown" from the tree itself. The sound track is also fittingly bizarre like the world...no "artificial" sounding sounds but rather organic tones of the human and musical instruments. No creature in this world talks in a normal snese but like in Machineruium wildlife talks in a series of yeeps and eeps along side pictogram speech bubbles which also give the player clues on how to solve a puzzle.

In conclusion this another master yet strange master piece from Amanita here is the trailer from IGN