Russian Manicure

Felt a little creative today and decided to do a Russian flag themed manicure inspired by my Russian friends here and there....plus one of my favorite soccer aces Yuri Zhirkov and my Russian No Passports character.
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It was a little messy at first but with air drying and baths it looks cleaner now. Prob chose the hard way to do it which was first painted the nail white then in layers painted on the other colours. Then for the magical touch of overlay of glitter. Since this is the first time I ever did a manicure like this.....the trick is to brush in one straight and uniform direction to avoid colour mixing like slightly what happened to the thumb. I like the results...its handed painted motif instead of straight, crisp lines and if I ever want to be any Russian character or getting ready for the next world cup or euro cup....i'm ready to paint almost any flag on my finger:)

The Colours used are...

White: White (Sally Hansen)
Blue: Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue (OPI)
Red: An Affair in the Red Square (OPI)
Holographic Glitter Overlay: Make a Spectacle (China Glaze)

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