Movied Review - Oz: The Great and Powerful

I only saw the movie about a few days ago and I must say this is a quite a decent movie and the artistic direction is quite gorgeous, and works incredible well with the 3-D effects, especially the part where Oscar and by extension us the viewer is introduced to the colours of Oz for the first time, and things fly in the tornado. Fun fact this is not the first time Disney has ventured into the world of Oz....know Return to Oz? Yes I did go to the movies with an Oz manicure...
The yellow was replaced with OPI's "Affair in the Red Square" at the last moment  for ruby slippers. The  emerald city green is China Glaze "Running in Circles" from the Cirque Du Soleil collection. All colours were given a glow in the dark coating and the overlay is OPI's "Lights of the Emerald City" from the Oz: the Great and Powerful  movie collection

What I like about the movie is this version pays slight homages to the more famous 1930's movie....the movie starts out in sepia tone then switching to wide, screen colours, and characters in Kansas have a counterpart in Oz. Elements from the original books (there's more then one oz story) are also incorporated into the movie like for example, the country of the living china dolls, and Oscar's incredible long form name...which spells out "Pinhead." What I liked about the premise is how can you win a battle when you cannot kill but you must take a stand?

 As for the cast Glinda is both what you would expect the good witch to be like and in addition she is still very much willing to use force to defend her people despite the rule you cannot kill. Oscar "PINHEAD" Diggs to me has a good heart deep down but because he is so focused on his ambitions to be a great man and to be above others, paired with his short comings, he resorts to being a really big cheat and conman, at the beginning of his journey to be a true great man. My personal favorites in the cast is Theodora  China Girl and Finley the flying monkey. Finley is hilarious is literately a monkey on your back. He is faithful to those who save his life but that doesn't stop him from making snarky remarks to his friends on what's right and wrong. Watch the animal calls scene....MOOO!!! China Girl is a timid, adorable and delicate girl because she is made out of fragile china and when we meet her, her entire country is smashed and she can't walk but once she's fixed up and ready to go she is extremely plucky and ready to take on the world and witches. I must say Milla Kunis as the witch...wow she's good and really goes with it with both the good and bad personas...one moment Theodora is all sweet and innocent then suddenly when her emotions become enraged she's a very different and explosive persona which all out bursts as the green skinned wicked witch...she is so vicious as the green skinned witch that even the "true" antagonist is over powered by the sheer volume and anger of her sister's voice when rallying the troops for battle.

Art direction is where the movie shines the strongest, the land of Oz is pure fantastic and works very well with the 3-D effects...The emerald city heralds art deco elements and paying homage to the original movie, the strong hold of the Munchkins and their allies is housed in a vast castle town complex of white stone and yellow brick roads. the munchkins, Quadlings and tinkers are clothed in colourful European style pleasant clothing with interesting hair styles and Glinda's clothing is white and flowing like her personality. The clothing of the wicked witches also highlight their personalities, Evanora's dress is emerald green highlighting her obsession with the city of green and highlight peacock features emphasizing her very proud and self important persona. Thoedora appears in red at first to highlight both her romantic outlook of the world around here and in addition red is colour associate with rage also. The black outfit pays homage to the 1930's wicked witch and in addition black is the same colour of burnt ash....like someone's emotions have been burnt with betrayal and now on a rage filled path. Nice job on the make up too...those burning red eyes wow.:)

I close now with the official trailer from Disney's Youtube channel

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