Grand Hotel Exhibit Opening at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Oh yes things certainly get interesting when you just came back from the Pokemon regionals tournament and heading straight for an exhibit opening at Vancouver....oh yeh did I mention I still had my Beartic make up on. I am going to an art gallery after all...expect something artistic to come by and visit. First thing is first....the reception towards my make up brought interesting reviews. The museum staff and patrons seemed to liked my make up very much but still had a few questions for me to answer. I was a little stunned though that some other art patrons were absolutely stunned and scared of me..although I can understand its not everyday you see a girl with an bold face paint pattern show up.

This is my facial patterning. For those who are not familiar with Pokemon. Beartic is a ice fanged polar bear

Anyway...this is the first time I have been to an exhibit opening and I would love to thank my friend for the invite. I didn't take the moment to mingle with other patrons...my face paint is a sign I'm different type of patron despite my arts degree. Plus too many people in one tiny space. The exhibit itself was interesting, Grand Hotel a study of the design and architecture of great hotels. It was interesting outlook split into sections with audio visuals on why we travel to hotels in the first place and the role of the grand hotel in society, politics and culture itself. The subject I find is important cause who doesn't like to travel and why would you want to choose this hotel in general for your place of stay. The scale models were interesting...not only there is a picture to examine but also a model to examine in 3 dimensions also...and examine the architecture of such places and examine for yourself why the design of these places were considered so bold for their time. My favorite scale model was of the Swiss chateau style hotel....imagine the memories from staying in a place like that...in an traditional style hotel surrounded by the mountainous country side yet its still  in the present.

 As for the various different hotel chosen as the examples in this exhibit...I thought more modern examples of luxury hotels like the new ones cropping up in Vegas and Dubai would have been chosen but understandable and interesting to look and example, the role of places with accompanying hotel items from the period like the Hiltons settling in places like Tehran and Istanbul in the 1950's when air travel was getting popular. The artsy (no blindingly colour would be a better answer) love hotel room in Japan section (I assume) recreation was very interesting....not your typical hotel room but its an experience for the patron to just walk in and to show visually this is how crazy a "normal" room can get.

Hotels may not be the average source of artistic inspiration but like someone looking at my face painted jaw and neck....keep an open mind and expect nothing and you'll find there is an artistic beauty in design of things  itself.

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