Gamer's Review - Puzzle Pirates

A pirates life for me in Puzzle Pirates, a free to play mmorpg. What is different and unique about this mmorpg is the bulk of the gameplay consists of action puzzle games like match three, pipe puzzles, and variations of tetris like mechanics. I can tell you the puzzles get kind of addictive at times....most content is free to play with the exception like most other free to plays the "fancy" nice involves the RL purchase of doubloons...which I never had to use such a  service anyway.

A pirate's life seem to be the life of adventure in this game universe because you create a pirate and you have various different career paths to chose from which include completing missions, serving on a ship both player controlled or CPU controlled sailing for treasure or pilfering other nearby sailing ships for plunder, setting up your own artisan's shop or issuing to someone to a puzzle duel in the bars. Every task like working the forge or working the bilge pump on a ship is its own unique puzzle. The focus is blatantly family friendly with the graphics being pseudo-3D, top down view and the PCs greatly resemble playmobil dolls with accompanying toy like fauna and architecture. The only complaints I have is a glitch caused a previous account to be reset and the pirate theme can get a little stale over time however for its value of free to play and the fact its one of the few mmorpg where puzzle is king I would say its worth a look.

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