Gamer's Review - Puppet Show: Return to Joyville

Welcome to Joyville in this fourth installment into the world of Puppetshow. This time however Felicia is desperate and now directly asks you the detective for help. Starting right from the end of the collector's edition of the Lost Town, Felicia has built a time machine to take both her and the detective back in time to the moment just before the fire burns Felicia.

In stark contrast to the first visit (and game) to Joyville, Joyville is a vibrant with activity from the cultural wealth of the active puppet theater and before the event claims it in the fire however the townscape still bears a sense of sadness and fear is in the air as the sun is setting you must race against time to save the younger Felicia from the upcoming danger. The mechanical puppets make a return as evil puppets haunt and hinder you while good china doll like puppets like the seamstress and the flower girl in the master's yard help you in your investigation. the artistic style is fabulous and rich as always like for example the puppet theater itself is mix of the ornateness of the Palace of Versailles and many grand theaters in Europe. Heavy CGI elements also have been added to the palette as emphasized in opening movie.

Story is important part as in addition to trying to prevent young Felicia and the theater from burning in a mysterious fire...the mysterious fire becomes not so mysterious as a a new villain fulfills the role of the mad man. Now you have to prevent him from putting on his "grand performance". The basic gameplay also gets carried over in addition to the wind up clock elements....bulk of the game is pint click adventure with hidden object scenes and doors in Joyville are under lock and puzzle key.

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