Gamer's Review - Puppet Show - The Lost Town

Puppet Show: The Lost Town is the third installment in the Puppet Show series. If you are scared of puppets  and dolls suddenly coming to life you might want to run really fast because Felicia and her clock punk puppets are back in this installment set in the what is suggested the turn of the century. In this story a new cave system has been opened however a brutish mechanical man snatches a girl away and you the detective have been called to scene. In terms of story changes yes you are still dealing with mechanical puppets that seem to have a mind of their own however unlike the previous two series where you were exploring an inhabited town....this time you are exploring a completely abandon town (hence lost town) with menacing look puppets fulfilling various occupations in town...with the barber attacking you. The history of the town is explained through journals and notes scattered around town.

If you haven't played the any of Puppetshow series the bulk of the gameplay is a mixture of point click adventure with the "puppet fan" serving as the inventory, puzzles and hidden object scenes.The game is very morbid feeling as you exploring an abandon town at nightfall with the spider puppet determine to stop you from hindering Felicia's latest scheme to regain her youth. If have the collector edition with the extra gameplay and been reading the notes about the history of the lost town...you get a big hint where you investigation where take you in the next puppet show series.

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