Gamer's Review- Puppet Show: Destiny Undone

The latest and recently released fifth installment of the Puppet Show series, the fifth one in the series. Destiny Undone seem follows the new time line set up from the previous installment, Return to Joyville. Some time after you prevented the fire of the puppet theater, young Felicia is again in danger when the evil Cricks is on a design for revenge and a mysterious women is seen in town....but Felicia is not the one that's in real danger, and if you are familiar with old time line Felicia's deformity...well its going to be kind of shocking.

In this installment, game play follows the same pattern of point click, puzzles locking doors, and hidden object scenes however in an interesting new addition to solving puzzles you are given your own spider puppet helper to aid you in reaching hard to reach places. This spider puppet is not the same one that haunts you throughout the game and the entire series. This puppet has an undamged red haired doll head and he'll happily cheer like a good little helper whenever you call upon him...which oddly for me I find him cute despite the fact he is a doll head on a set of mechanical spider legs. In a side mission you can find hat patterns for him to wear and can give him a name. The series's trademark clock punk machines and puppets is rampant through out the town of Joyville and its puzzles again. For example the tram operator is an automaton puppet and one of the bonus missions is collecting puppets that resemble characters from previous installments.

Art wise everything is rich in detail with hand drawn details and the CGI elements are more well employed here as emphasized in the evil spider puppet suddenly popping out to scare and hinder you. Joyville seems to be full of life in comparison to previous portrayals as you get to interact directly with more residents more often and Joyville seems to be more well kept. However the omnipresence of the race against time is still present as the sun is setting washing the town in a golden glow, fitting in with the bronze mechanical puppets.

In conclusion, this Puppet Show is just as intriguing as the others in the series, which I surprised it still can being the 5th installment so far and you get to dive into Crick's history but people who are scared of dolls coming to life run but for clock work, steam punk lovers I high recommend this series.

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