Gamer's Review - Bientot L'ete

My first impressions of Beintot L'ete were I wasn't a game per say but rather this was something strange and unusual which is my take when I started playing this game. I wouldn't say this game is a game but rather its an art game genre example, where the point is to experience the art work rather then working towards any goals.The premise is you play one of two protagonists, a man or a woman sleeping in a cryo-stasis in deep space, exploring a computer generated simulation separated from the other.

Every so often an apparition besides the lone but growing building will appear in the simulation where you have the option of interacting with if you close your eyes and entering the right key. So far I seen the radio and boardwalk in my simulation. Closing your eyes (and walking to the edge of the simulation) also reveal the inner workings and true nature of the sea side beach. The building is also an enigma as so far for me this is where you can meet the other protagonist which is either another player or a computer controlled simulation depending on the option chosen. How to describe the changing mood art style...its best if the screen shots show you....

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