Behind the Badge Design - Tsukino Con Pledge Gym Badge

Well haven't done a piece about my artwork or a posting in a while so...tongiht we'll review the thinking processes behind my badge design for my Pledge Gym at Tsukino Con's Pokemon League. Since I my gym was based around starter pokemon and using the pledge moves for that interesting fight...so using my expert drawing skills (after the photoshop ideas were giving the boss a headache) I doodled a simple leaf, fire, and water drop inked design motif.....after going through 5 other rough drafts. Then after scanning it in the computer I adjusted the colour filter to pink...since my gym leader uniform was pink (see post for details).

Well here is the design, I am happy for the results and it made pokemon trainers go ooo.


  1. How will this badge be made and/or used?

    1. Oh it was made into an actual badge to give away for anyone that defeated me at Tsukino Con.