Animated Review - Electric Holiday

The World of Disney is no stranger to the world of fashion with examples like the Jasmine collection from Sephora and Opi's Minnie Mouse Collection. Well in this animated review, Minnie Mouse takes center stage down the catwalk in Electric Holiday. Electric Holiday is a webtoon collaboration between Disney and Barneys and at a short 5 minutes its packed full of colour, celebrities and of course fashions.

We start off with Minnie dreaming of being a fashion model on the catwalks of Paris and from then on we join her in her day dream. The art direction of this sequence greatly resemble drawing styles found fashion magazines and boundless amounts of fashion icon cameos. The caricatures are naturalistic yet still cartoony enough to appear in this cartoon world and most alongside the cartoon Disney characters. In addition there is no talking as if the colours and the designs speak for themselves. As for the climatic catwalk scene where various Disney icons don high fashion wear...first of all its weird to see characters like Minnie and Daisy suddenly take on taller human proportions with their cartoon heads still on however characters like Snow White and Tiana the proportions work well on them. It was a nice touch for Tinkerbell to open the runway show with a bit of magical pixie dust.

As for the fashions being donned, I like them. Minnie's dress is her favorite oh so pink and simple form with raffles like her bows; Tiana is froggy green but still has some notes of French Quartier iron wrought, and Snow White is a simple form long summer dress with yellows, blues and red polka dots like her normal dress.... that's only a sample of the Disney icons that don high fashions. It was also a nice touch at the end credits to include who designed what outfit and who makes a cameo.

For the first time we can provide the youtube link to the actual short....here it is for your judgement and pleasure the webtoon from Barneys Newyork's youtube channel....Electric Holiday

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