A Bear, some face paint and a DSi - Pokemon TCG Spring Regionals

The Face Paint detail...its a reverse colour palette of the original Beartic fangs
Owww this bear of pokemon is very sore from today's adventures in TCG...big one the Pokemon Spring Regionals over lots and lots of trainers showed up to play TCG and as usually all I cared about is fun sooooo ....I face painted my bottom jaw and my neck to resemble Beartic's fangs of ice beard and on my shoulder  painted a bear paw with colour coordinating clothing...I was Beartic. As my fellow UVIC Poke Club knows very well...Beartic alongside Kyogre is my signature pokemon and I stubbornly use him in battle.

How did my battle record go? Same as last time:) One actual win and one bye....the rest were loses but one close call when it went into over time and I had two prizes and he had one. This was versus a Landorus deck. The deck I was using is the same Beartic-Swanna deck with the exceptions the Tranquil had been replaced with Zoruas and Zoroarks...experimenting with my own personal strategy. Its boring when everyone is using the same cards. I was very happy the one win I got. The guy was friendly and who is the one who that

Pikachu's Revenge
delivers the final blow....Beartic himself. When I got the bye I instead took the time to play fun fest missions with various different trainers and now my Entree's one branch is noticeably taller then the other. In addition, my manicure was themed as well. Those playing against me with keen eyes might have noticed my "blue" nails had cracks of shining silver bursting out of the blue.

How did my face paint go over...quite well especially when I said I am Beartic and this is his icy fanged beard. Out in public on Robson was interesting when tourists are blanked and stunned to see a girl with an odd face patterning covering the bottom half of her face. Tell you what happened at the art gallery opening I went to after later. What could be better then end off a tourny day and an art gallery visit then dinner at the EXP Bar Restaurant ...the place for gaming fans to dine after a Poke Tourny. I had Pikachu's Revenge as my drink and well it starts off sweet with Banana liquir taste until you get to the red parts....I think I know why they called it Pikachu's Revenge....its a real shock. Oh and so cute it even has red cheeks:)

These are the rest of the picture....since i forgot my camera, i had to use a DSi to take pics.

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