Pirouette My Swanna! - Pokemon BC Provincials

Oww this has been a long day. Well firstly I'm a Poke Artist soo....I prefer to have fun battling with my favorite pokemon like Swanna and Beartic ( I prefer ice types) especially, over using the top cards and just having fun in general...which explains my make up today at the provincials. I was the kyogre girl with the white face paint covering the bottom half of my face. Provincials was fun.....I only had two wins (one bye and one actual win) and 5 loses. Considering no one plays with polar bears and swans its was ok...and it was happytime when the impossible happens and I actually win with these guys and girls. 

My actual win was epic and hilarious....both me and my fellow opponent were laughing over it. Why? What are the odds a Swanna wins a match. For those familiar with Dark Explorer Swanna, Incessant Pecks of torture have the potential of ranking in the damage very fast, when the defending pokemon has a weakness to water and is a ground type. Beware the Black Swanna. Oww long day... surprisingly my beloved Beartic didn't see much action but my EX's sure did.....I was this close at times. Anyway happy I got the promo Vaporeon card and I got a door prize of one booster pack.

Poke Conga!
 In addition my kyogre make up (yes I managed to get it off with a bath and cleanser) went over great. My pokemon club friends thought I had war paint on...which is technically true. I just thought I just want to have fun so being true to my creative nature I dressed up. Didn't want to go into heavy cosplay even though I do have a Kyogre cosplay but it was going to be a major pain to play in. So i just colour coordinated my clothing to be Kyogre blue, had my Kyogre Doll and painted half of my face to resemble his white under belly. Outside of venue....I got a few stares at my odd make up choice....some people (and inside venue too) thought I was cheering for the Canucks game...which is on tonight. Well I guess a giant blue orca would be mistaken.

One detail that was hard to see for some people. My poke manicure....it was intended to be kyogre blue but the crakle polish colour (Sally Hansen's Distressed Denim)  layered over the red (OPI's An Affair in the Red Square) made it look blackish blue. Still looks pretty and matches Kyogre somewhat. The glitter overlay is OPI's Pirouette My Whistle....the word pun inspiration for this entry.
Hyponotic poison techniques coupled with Virbank City was a real popular choice....and a constant bane to my little buddies. Away lets see if I can attend and have fun at another major and official Pokemon tournament. Oh yes for those who are wondering about my Pokeball tcg equipment case...I got it as a christmas present years ago and I truely don't know how my friend found it for me. Really handy as long as you don't drop it. 
Atleast I'm not last place.

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