Gamer's Review - Your Doodles are Bugged (First Impressions)

What can I say about Your Doodles are Bugged other then you should have guessed it to be a comedy when the title is Bugged. Game play style I would say its a hand drawn free hand style of the Lemmings game mixed into one. However that where the similarity end as whimsical hilarity ensures as you have to help the doodles to safety after a magical doodle related accident.

The reason why I say the game play is similar to Lemmings in an odd way is you have to help a bunch of mindless bouncing bugs from point A to the honey pot call point B, however to help the bugs navigate the obstacles hindering them you have to use a magical pen to draw in bridges and steps to bounce them there. The catch is you only have a limited a

As for atomosphere and art wise....our doodles are bugged so everything is doodles....doodles and more doodles. The playing field is a doodled blank sheet of white paper and the doodles in question are a cross between avant art works and childish drawings. The creators must have had fun with that aspect of the game. in addition to add to the comedy a big booming voice from a tiny blue bug narrates the bugs plight and musical soundtrack is really buggy like bossa nova buggy.

If you can get this game discount or just love whimsy I would suggest this game.

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