Gamer's Review - Trauma

First of all this is not a review of the surgical drama game.....this is Trauma, a graphical adventure game where you navigate the thoughts and dreamy landscapes of a women recovering from an accident in a hospital. I would consider this to have elements of point click mixed in with art game influences.

Game play pretty straight forward...in each dream the girl will narrate what the main goal is along with what this dream means to her. If you're fallowing just the main story then it will be a straight forward short game however game experience is extended as there are multiple paths to ending the dream which must be found through exploration and in addition there are camera pictures scattered through out the dream waiting to be collected.

The actual dreams you explore is where the gems and art elements are strong...lonely and eerily still photographs of Koln (this is the German spelling of Cologne) at night linked together make up these dreams. This brings back memories for me because well I did go to Germany one summer (not to Koln though) in 2008 and now this is how I remember the ordinary locations like shopping/cafe courtyards, train stations, and roads of Germany in my personal dream world as...lonely places both at day and night. Elements of the surreal are high in the game's dream worlds. For example one extra ending involved painting a symbol for the sky to suck up the world alias a drain pipe and one painting a symbol to magically levitate a rock. As you explore and perform these tasks the narrate will remark rather calmly that this reminds her about an experience with her past.

If just want to explore a surreal yet urban dream I would suggest this game....or if you're like me want to see past memories of another country again on screen.

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