Gamer's Review - To The Moon

Today on the chopping block Freebird Game's To The Moon....

Now although intrigued by the premise of dream and memory based technology in the far future alias Paprika but I was a bit confused with how I should approach this game interms of the RPG Maker program engine, having experimented with the program myself before. Should I approach this game as an RPG game made from such an engine or a point click adventure? However none the less I was still intrigued enough to continue onward and delighted I was at the story...what would you think when you enter rooms filled with origami bunnies? You control a pair of scientists who with their equipment can create new memories for people but under the condition it is on their death bed because of the nature of the technology.

For those who are not familiar with the RPG Maker program, its a make your own rpg alias old school Final Fantasy game program, some programming knowledge required....the engine and graphics of the program gives this game a kind of retro look. So far the game for me has been mostly point- click style adventure and i most likely messed myself up because I was expecting a rpg style game....which is poked fun at when engaging into a final fantasy style battle with a squirrel which gets quickly interrupted with. However the rpg style elements come into play with looking for mementos and searching around for 5 orbs to break the shields around such mementos. From then on you have to solve a puzzle to reassemble the mementos to travel onward into the next memory sequence.

In conclusion I give for the very creative and innovative use of the RPG maker. The retro style game play fits in with the themes of remembering and traveling into the past and so far the story looks good and intriguing.

Here is the official website address if you are interested....

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