Gamer's Review - The Cave (First Dive)

A rough gem from Double Fine. The basic premise is you control 3 out of 7 quirky characters as they explore a vast cave system seeking their wishes which fitting for a deep dark place....is darker then it looks and you have the choice of making them either give in to those dark urges or redeem their themselves for the good ending. So far I found the game like anything else from Double Fine healthy amounts of humor but with the slightly darker themes of human desire....healthy doses of black humor.

However the first thing that bugged me was the controls. Unlike in other Double Fine games where which button you push is blatantly stated...took alot of thinking and experimenting to figure out which button is which...along with the fact my game pad didn't respond to the games's control almost...eventually I found them out. Timing jumps was also an issue for me although that could be partly due to my inexperience with platformers. During game you get to switch between the 3 characters which you choose to solve certain puzzles....although I found this to be interesting it was kind of tiring to whoosh between the 3 and often I found my self exclusively controlling one character to solve a puzzle. I did find it comforting at certain point in the game all 3 characters are automatically gathered together. Each character has a special ability like for example the time traveler can phase through walls.

Besides the controller issue, I was delighted the humor Double Fine is known for....for starters the cave you explore is actual talks and every so often "he" remarks about the nature of the cast exploring itself, being the sports commentator of a snark of the cave exploration trip. The motives of each of the characters is where the black humor shines too as during the journey we find cave paintings explaining the story of each character's motives for even coming to the cave....for example guess how the story of the creepy twins turn out. In a expected surreal turn of event this cave system contains things you wouldn't expect to find in a cave...a gift shop would be one thing. The rooms available for exploration depends on the characters you choose to come with you for example if you picked the knight you get to explore the knight's room. However since I did have the knight with me in my party I couldn't enter his room because the front entrance (which hinted by "med-evil" flags) requires his ability to pass.

I want suggest this game so far if a big sale causes it to be

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