Gamer's Review - Bionic Heart

We got the second (I think) visual novel game on the chopping block today...Bionic Heart. What attracted me to this visual novel was the fact its a sci-fi story involving really realistic humanoid robots and their relationship with humans. Like any visual novel style game....there is no active game play elements rather you have conversations with various characters and when prompted to you choose the character's response.

The basic story line is you play as Luke. A man living in a dystopian future London of constant rain and who is in a strained relationship with his girl friend Helen. Suddenly a realistically beautiful robot on the run appears at his door. From then on the nature of story changes with each dialogue choice for example you could either side with Tanya or Helen on matters (some conversion choices affect each character's  with them or in a more dramatic cases report Tanya to the police or take part in the secret operation that revolves around Tanya and learn more insight into her robotic nature. As for story mood....its intriguing like the sci-fi short stories and can get a little tense especially when you get a "bad" ending or for me when Tanya shows her more sadistic side when you get her mad.

 There are 24 possible endings in this game and one play through is short however its doesn't give you much insight into the cast's nature and personalities. To understand the grand scope of the story you have to play through and explore all options. For example, if you aim for an ending where you side with Tanya (the robot) and do an undercover sewer search you only get to meet Julia right there unlike in another possible path you get to meet her more often and get to know her better. To get all the endings I highly suggest creating multiple saves files of different points in the story so you can jump back and try out a different path to get the different endings.

Visual style is anime-like influence and London of the gritty future is well gritty and dark. The world is forever nighttime and constantly raining with the only places not raining or even having some remote colour splashes are virtually recreated environments under domes. Conversation are carried out with static scenes.

In conclusion, in the realm of sci-fi story telling this is a new experience.....as for my next dive into visual novels gaming, its new for me too and despite not having the luxury of the smooth flowing interface of Analogue: a Hate Story...something Tanya lacks but it was very interesting experience. Oh slight warning its for older audiences with language and some artistic nudity.

Here is the trailer from Winterwolves's Official Channel....enjoy

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