Gamer's Review - Big Brain Wolf

Fairytales seem to have fractured in Frima Studios' Big Brain Wolf.

Its cartoony, its zany and a head scratching puzzler of a point click game. Even its though completely unrelated, those who are familiar with Professor Layton's style of game play will be very familiar this game's style of play....exploring an environment finding hidden brain teaser puzzles to solve. You guide the loser of a vegetarian and asthma Wolf on his final exam of genie training trying but....the Wolf's mom has been arrested and framed for a unknown crime sooo you have to prove her innocence along the way which in traditionally broken fairy tale style its bigger then it initially seems.

The humor of the game is where this game shines along with the headscratcher of a puzzle cache....fairytales have been broken for the comedy, for example, Pinocchio is a really bad lawyer, red riding hood is the over weight ruler of this fairytale world, and her elite body guards are the Prince Charming....this is hilarious alias the fractured fairy tales of Shrek only in more gritty urban/criminal drama tones and palette

The only compliant I have about this is game is the bug that happened about 2/3 at the beanstalk stage into the game which rendered my file unplayable and....I had to make a new file and start all over again.

Here is the official trailer from Frima Studios

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