Gamer's Review - The Tiny Bang Story

If I could describe The Tiny Bang Story in a few words...it would be the happiest dystopia story ever. It maybe a tiny adventure game but its big on whimsy. The tiny planet of this story has experienced a tiny bang and has been blown up into jig saw puzzle with one area left....the first area you explore.

The basic game play is a combo of point click adventure, hidden objects as you have to a certain amount of a specific object to fix an invention, and puzzle solving which includes solving jig saw puzzles to sew the tiny world back together or shifting coloured orbs to activate a train's hatch.. Puzzles can be an actual head scratchier at times....however there is a built in hint system....just collect enough blue flies to activate it. 

As for the artistic side....its full of whimsy and a very hand drawn look. The colour palette is like a relaxing afternoon in the bright and happy sunlight, which is what most of the characters you meet are doing. Interesting the world has blown up into pieces but people are still calm, relaxed and not panicking  The characters do not talk however they will ask you for help via pictures in a speech bubble.

If you want a short sitting but big on feel and whimsy I would suggest getting this game.

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